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Some thoughts on moving, six months later…

In a few days we’ll have been living in our new apartment for 6 months. While I sometimes wish that we had a bit more space, I’m glad that we decided to go with this one bedroom apartment over the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom (1 1/2 bathroom? It had a weird “Jack & Jill” bathroom setup.) apartment that was “cheaper” in the apartment complex down the street. I can’t imagine not having any (somewhat) private outdoor space at all. I’m in love with our large patio surrounded by bushes. (Although it’s now somewhat less surrounded than it used to be since they tore out a good chunk of bushes recently as the photo below shows)


The bushes usually house a good number of house sparrows and we have put up a couple of bird feeders on our patio. The bird feeders have made the sparrows happy and have also attracted a score of other birds to our patio including:
Dark-eyed Juncos
Spotted Towhees
Redbreasted Robins
Mallard Ducks






Not to mention the fact that had we decided to go with the other apartment complex we probably would not have gotten brand new carpeting, linoleum and countertops.
And honestly, I have no idea what we’d do with a second bedroom anyway.

For the first time in about a decade we live in a place that won’t freeze us in the winter and boil us in the summer all while bankrupting us through utility bills.
And it’s actually taking a bit of an adjustment.
I find that I’m still bracing myself for when summer really starts even though it’s already been in the mid 90’s out here this year.
Our apartment stays a consistent temperature whether it’s freezing or unseasonably hot outside. After moving I slowly learned that I no longer had to wear several layers plus a blanket inside to have a chance of avoiding hypothermia.

This is not an exaggeration. We had our thermostat set to the lowest temperature we could set it to without risking freezing the pipes in our old place, the temperature they tell you to set it to if you’re going on vacation and won’t be living there only we stayed, and our natural gas bill was still stupid expensive.

Now I find that I’m waiting for the day when it gets up to over 90 degrees inside our apartment, because that’s what our last two summers were like. And that was with an actual central air conditioning system. For the 8 years before that we dealt with a swamp cooler, which sadly seemed to work better than our actual air conditioner. I don’t know what perfect storm of problems led to our air conditioner running nonstop all summer (starting in March because the sun heated that place like an oven. Well half that place, the other half was always freezing until actual summer came) but not managing to actually make the place any cooler, but I’m so glad to be out of that bank account draining hell. Our electric bills got up to about $200, for a fairly small one bedroom townhouse, and we still had to deal with living in unbearably hot conditions.

It’s already been in the mid 90’s out here and the warmest it’s gotten in our apartment was around 77 degrees, and that was only because the area where the thermostat is was blocked off by a curtain for a while. We set the thermostat to around a certain temperature (I miss my digital thermostat) and the apartment stays around that temperature. Without the air conditioner running nonstop. Our bank account is thanking us.


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  1. My place now has utilities included, but I’m still paranoid because I don’t want my landlord to have to raise the rent horribly next year! 🙂 Also, with M still at home now I am having to keep things cooler; I could easily get by in heat and humidity without so much a/c. Oh well…

    I”m so glad you like your current place 🙂

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    1. This place has natural gas included with the utilities that we pay with our rent. The entire complex’s natural gas usage is split among all of the residents based on apartment size and occupancy, which helps make it more affordable for us. That and the fact that this place seems to actually have adequate insulation unlike our last place.
      And adequate insulation plus newer, better windows, and an air conditioning system that seems to be in actual working condition is making a huge difference to our electric bill which is directly billed to us. It’s sad how amazing it is to us to be able to set our thermostat to around 76 or so degrees and set the central air to automatic and it actually stays around that temperature without the air conditioner running nonstop. We’re used to setting our thermostat to a certain temperature, having the air conditioner run nonstop and watching the temperature steadily climb well past the set temperature and hoping that it will at least not get into the 90s in our apartment.


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