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But that’s not what my blog looks like…

When I first created this blog years ago it took me a few days to even post my first post because I was going through all the available free themes and trying to figure out which one fit me best. I’ve changed the look of my blog some since then, but my theme has stayed the same. I added a bunch of different header images for it to randomly cycle through, to make the blog even more “me”.
So I was upset when I realized recently that anyone who views the mobile version of my blog is probably not seeing the blog that I actually spent many, many hours putting together. If I select “request desktop site”, there’s my blog, the way I intended.
My blog isn’t the only one that I’ve noticed has been behaving this way, so I do a lot of “requesting desktop sites” because I’d like to see their blogs the way that they intended them to be seen, not the watered down version that WordPress has decided to show me instead.


I know that in the grand scheme of things my blog not showing up with the theme that I chose isn’t that big of a deal, but I spent a long time choosing how I wanted to present my blog to the world and the fact that a lot of people probably aren’t seeing the product of my work, or other people’s work on their blogs, has been bothering me for weeks now. So I decided to vent about it on my blog.


2 thoughts on “But that’s not what my blog looks like…

  1. When you go to “customize” and then choose the phone or tablet views, does it look the same as it actually does on your phone?

    I never think to check what happens with mine, actually.


    1. That’s the thing, when I go to customize there is no longer any option to view it as it would be seen on a phone or tablet. I’ve tried it through the app and through the actual site. It used to translate to the mobile views though, I’m not sure when it stopped. I’ve been blogging exclusively from my phone recently though since the only working laptop is my husband’s. I’ve used the “desktop site” option on my phone though when attempting to customize and still no options for other views. I suppose it’s possible that if I pull it up on the actual laptop it’ll give me different options though…


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