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I’ve forgotten how to blog…

I have this really bad habit of composing blog posts in my head while I’m lying in bed in the early morning hours wishing I was sleeping. 

This habit wouldn’t be so bad if any of those blog posts actually made it onto my blog the next day. Most of the time by the next day the only thing I can remember is that I had an idea for a blog post, but the specifics of the idea are gone. 

I’ve thought about just getting up out of bed and writing the post right then, but my sleep schedule is already messed up as it is. The same goes for picking up my phone and writing a quick note to remind myself. I’m already trying desperately to fall asleep, so I’m not about to let the light from my phone be another excuse for my brain to continue to stay wide awake for longer. Not to mention the fact that I don’t want to wake my sleeping husband who usually only has a few to a couple more hours to sleep before he has to get up by the time I head to bed.

So instead I lie in bed and remember that once again I didn’t post anything on my blog the day before, feel guilty for neglecting my blog and start to mentally compose yet another blog post that will (literally) never see the light of day. 

When it is day and I have the opportunity to actually post something on my blog, I usually have no idea what I might want to say. 

Not much of interest has been going on in my life lately. 

My husband and I splurged and bought ourselves Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. This is the first time we’ve ever had the most recent model of anything and we’re hoping that it will buy us a bit more time before these become obsolete. There was a bit of drama where it had been several days and our “overnight shipping” order still hadn’t even finished processing and it took calling the company we bought from a couple of times to discover that we had somehow created “Schrödinger’s Payment”. You see, the payment was showing as “paid” and “not paid” at the very same time. A weird series of glitches happened while paying for our order and once the correct department was aware our order finished processing and our phones were finally shipped.

Only to then temporarily be taken hostage by FedEx. We missed the original delivery and instead of delivering the phones to the apartment complex office like the driver was supposed to he took them back to the FedEx location with him to attempt to deliver them the next day. Curtis even got a ride to the FedEx location only to not be able to get the package because his ID still has our old address on it. The phones were successfully delivered the next day though.

I also successfully (I hope) fought with my doctor’s office billing department to get them to fix a mistake that they made that caused me to be billed for things that my insurance would happily pay for completely if only they were coded correctly. To my surprise my insurance company happily backed me up and left a message with my doctor’s office letting them know that it was on them to fix this simple error and told them exactly what they needed in order to be able to cover my claim properly. 

I also learned during this time that my Depo Provera birth control injections are stupid expensive and that I am super happy that my insurance covers them 100% when billed correctly.

This was the second time that I’ve been billed for preventative care that should be paid for by my insurance (because it’s the law) because they coded something wrong, only the first time they refused to fix it and I just paid for it out of my own pocket because I didn’t have the time or energy to fight it. We decided not to risk having something like this happen again and found another, more convenient, Doctor’s Office nearby that takes our insurance. We will meet our new doctor in the beginning of October.

I’ve mostly been keeping myself entertained lately via TV, reading (Sack NastyThe Erratic Sun, and A Death On Skunk Street. Buy these books!), social media, Pinterest, (is that a form of social media? I literally just gave in and tried it a few days ago and have just started to understand it.) and playing Pokémon Go with my husband. 

I did have my husband help me cut my hair again a couple nights ago. I decided I wanted to do something different and these were the results:

I’ll end this post with a couple of examples of what me and my cat look like when we’re turned into art by another one of my latest obsessions, Prisma.


11 thoughts on “I’ve forgotten how to blog…

  1. I’ve been blogging slacking lately too. Even prompts haven’t inspired me. I was following the saga of the phones on Facebook, glad they arrived and are in full working order! Ugh, the doctor’s office shenanigans is so crappy. Love the hair cut!

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    1. I keep thinking that I should try doing some sort of challenge again or something, but I’ve been horrible with keeping up with challenges lately too. I used to write way more often and I have no idea how I did it now. I guess maybe I’ve already covered most of the interesting things I could write about! Thank you for your compliment on my new haircut! It’s quite different, so I wasn’t sure how people would react. 🙂

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        1. I like your thinking! I feel less guilty about not posting as often when I realize that I’m not the only one struggling with writing right now. (Not that I’m happy that others are struggling too, but it’s nice to not be alone in something!) I have at least been better about staying caught up on others blogs lately, so I don’t feel like a completely terrible blogger, you know? I may not be writing, but I’m still haunting the blogosphere! 😀

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  2. Blogging? What’s that?
    It sounds familiar… like something I used to know…
    I have to say, all the prisma posts recently have really piqued my curiosity and I’m very tempted to give it a try.
    Thank you very much for the shout out!!

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    1. Prisma is totally worth giving a try. I’m betting that you could create some very interesting pictures of the little Prince and your mountain pictures. There are a bunch of filters to choose from and they seem to always be adding new ones.
      You’re welcome! Thank you for writing the book!

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    1. I know what you mean. There must be something in the air of the blogosphere, because a lot of people seem to be having a tough time writing on their blogs.
      Prisma is the best. I’m totally addicted.
      Thank you for the compliment!


  3. I feel your pain. I’m a relatively new blogger and I regularly think of things at work or whilst in bed and forget them by the time I can write them down.

    By the way, you are rocking that hair! Have you always had short hair or is this a recent thing? I got mine cut short a few months ago for the first time in my life and I’m still not loving it.

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  4. Thank you! I was growing my hair out after recently having shaved it all off, not for the first time. My hair has been both super short and super long. I enjoy how much easier it is to care for when it’s short.
    I hope that you are more happy with your hair soon!


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