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Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 1: I’m gonna wing it…

Although I’ve had my blog for three Novembers, (it’ll be 4 years old come December 25) this is the first time I’ve ever participated in National Blog Posting Month, A.K.A. NaBloPoMo, A.K.A. Nano Poblano. (Because it’s so much easier to say than NaBloPoMo and much more fun!) I’ve managed to avoid this for the past 3 years, (more on that later) and was hoping that if I was real quiet and stayed very still I’d go unnoticed by a certain dinosaur friend of mine again this year, but I should have known better. She called me and a ton of other bloggers out in her giant Nano Poblano recruiting FB post, and I was taught that it’s rude to ignore people, so I had to admit to myself that I had no valid excuses for not attempting to post a blog post a day for 30 days this year. So I went ahead and signed up, turned around and recruited my husband as well, and then did absolutely nothing to prepare for this other than come up with a title, a meme, and rough outline in my head for this post. 

Did absolutely nothing to prepare for this until 5-7am this morning, November 1, while lying in bed wishing I was sleeping, that is. (I’m a night owl with insomnia, and usually don’t go to bed until between 3-5am.) Because that’s when my brain decided that coming up with some sort of action plan for the rest of this month was a much better use of its time than sleeping. 

I avoided this challenge my first November because my husband and I were moving to avoid a massive $100+ rent increase at the apartment that we had been living in for 6 years. That apartment search was a nightmare that ended up with us moving into a more expensive one bedroom townhouse at a discounted rental rate instead of the one bedroom apartment that we wanted because the first 3 apartments that the apartment complex told us we’d be able to move into fell through and they ran out of apartments of the size that we were looking for. The second November I simply stopped blogging months before November and didn’t come back till sometime the next year. And last November we were once again preparing to move (this time in December…) because although the apartment complex said when we agreed to move into the more expensive townhouse that they’d only increase our rent by $50 or so a year until we were paying market rent, they fought us on it some the year before and were going to increase our rent by $100+ that year. And that townhouse wasn’t even worth paying the original discounted rental rate.  

But, thank all that’s good in the universe, we’re not moving again this year (love our new apartment!), so I had no excuse not to become a Tiny Pepper for the month of November.

So there we are, one blog post down, 29 more to go!


12 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 1: I’m gonna wing it…

  1. I totally understand your reasons for not Poblanoing previously. I told Ra I wasn’t going to do it, because life has been crazy busy lately, but then I wound up and started posting daily anyway. When life hands you peppers, and all that.

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    1. Ha! Winging it went out the window very soon after this post. It started with deciding on a theme for each day and then soon after that I went ahead and scheduled almost every post ahead of time. As in, over the last few weeks I have only had to worry about Saturday posts. I only have one more (Saturday) post to write to be set for this month.

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