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Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 4: Fiction Friday

One of the things that Ra always says when talking about NaBloPoMo/Nano Poblano is that it’s a time to try new things on your blog. 

Well, we’re only 4 days in and I’m about to do just that by attempting to write a piece of short fiction. My plan is to attempt this at least 3 more times before Nano Poblano is over. We’ll see…

She awoke to find herself in a perched in a precarious position near the top of a tree. She steadied herself and had a look around at her surroundings. It looked like she ended up in a jungle this time. It was an improvement over the frigid cold snow covered planet she’d found herself in last time. The polar bear that she’d seen there had been fascinating though she was still puzzled over why someone  would have built an igloo on ice over open water instead of on the solid ground just a few feet away. The cold had been quite a shock after the parched scorching heat of the desert planet she’d found herself on the time before though, so the igloo was welcome, no matter it’s odd positioning. This new jungle landscape may still have been a bit too warm for her tastes, but at least it had some moisture in the air and, based on her current position, it clearly had plant life. 

She took another look around and spotted what looked to be the ruins of what might have been a temple. She wondered about the people who built it and what type of God(s) they might have built it for. Her speculations were cut short however as she noticed that large cat of some sort had started to take an interest in her. Time to take flight and learn more about this planet, it might be the one that she’d been searching so long for.

As she rose above the trees she noticed the ocean with evidence of abundant life there as well. She flew over another forest in a more temperate climate and watched a pack of wolves stalking their prey. She skimmed the tops of majestic mountain ranges and flew over the remarkable depths of ravines. There was some desert on this planet as well and some mesa areas with breathtaking red rock cliffs. She spotted a village in the distance, the settlers frantic* over the buildings on fire in the wake of the latest volcanic eruption. She’d now flown over most of the planet and knew it was time to go back to the waiting place until she awoke on the next world that needed to be explored.

I put down the Xbox controller and rub at my tired eyes. Time to give up for the day and get ready to go to bed. The search for the perfect Minecraft world could continue tomorrow.

* I once encountered a village in Minecraft built right on the edge of an open lava pit. Predictably the structure nearest the pit caught fire. The villagers were far from frantic though, they just continued to wander in and out of the burning room, catching themselves on fire and closing the door behind them despite the fact that the fire had burned away the wall immediately next to it on one side.


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    1. Yay! That was exactly what I was going for. Thank you for letting me know that I succeeded. My husband knew exactly where I was going with the story as soon as he started reading it, but he lives with me so he had extra context. Lol Once again, thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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