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Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 6: Six Word Sunday

Desperate for air, kicking towards life.


15 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 6: Six Word Sunday

    1. Thanks. WordPress did show you an underwater picture to go with that story, right? The colored stones are meant to be the background of my blog, and someone else also complimented me on them today, so I’m hoping that WordPress showed you both all the pictures you were supposed to see in the right places. 🙂

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    1. Thanks. You are talking about the stones that are my blogs background, right? That story was meant to be accompanied by an underwater picture. You are the second person today to compliment me on the stones in my background, so I’m wondering if WordPress showed you both a different picture than it was supposed to.

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      1. I think the answer is yes it did. I have been having trouble all week with this. The other day WordPress decided a thumbnail red pepper would be my featured photo instead of the one I had chosen. Yesterday it just ignored my featured photo selection altogether and used my default header! Frustrating!

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        1. I have a large group of photos that randomly cycle for my header photo, each time someone visits my blog they probably see a different header photo, so I never bother with featured photos. The photo that I’m talking about should have been right at the top of the actual blog post itself after the blog post title.

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            1. It seems that they aren’t visible via laptop either. My husband tried to view them on his laptop last night after I couldn’t see them on my phone (I use my phone for everything all the time) and they weren’t showing. I was going to comment on your post about it last night, but it was very late and I was very tired, so I didn’t.


    1. Okay. *Breathes a sigh of relief* I thought maybe WordPress was messing with me today. 🙂 The stones are all a bit larger than pebbles, hard to show perspective in a picture like that. I took that picture while taking a walk through the grounds of a local hospital near here (shortcut to the shops on the other side) I saw a garden area with a lot of rocks and took a bunch of pictures. I will admit that I did increase the saturation on the photo a bit when I got home to get the colors I saw to pop a bit more. My husband and I still collect interesting looking rocks, we have a collection on our window sill. 🙂

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