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Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 12: Sleep is for the weak…

Sleep is for the weak.

Only, I need sleep, so I guess that makes me weak.

I learned the hard way years ago that if I don’t sleep I tend to hallucinate.

Although, there is more to the story than sleep deprived=hallucinations.

I was sleep deprived because of a camping trip. 

On this camping trip, in the middle of the night our campsite was visited by The Bear-Squirrel.

We were camping in the mountains of Utah.

The mountains of Utah where there had just been plenty of bear sightings.

The people we were sharing our campsite with left out some things that they shouldn’t have left out overnight.

And then they went into their nice secure metal camper.

And left us to sleep in our fabric tent.

We heard the sounds of a large animal getting into things in our campsite.

The rest of the night was spent in terror, with barely any sleep.

In the light of the morning, we surveyed the damage.

Tiny little nibble holes in food packages that should have been better secured.

We were terrorized by a squirrel.

At home, while attempting to sleep in completely overtired state, I hallucinated that we were back in the tent.

No bear-squirrel this time, just bugs that I kept telling my confused and equally tired husband that we had to get out of our tent.

He escorted me out of the bedroom and into the living room to fully wake me up before we went back to bed to actually sleep.

So a more accurate equation would probably be sleep deprived+terror=hallucinations.

But I’m not going push my luck.

Sleep is for the weak.

But I think I’ll continue to try to get some sleep, even if it’s during odd hours.

And even if it means I’m weak.

6 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 12: Sleep is for the weak…

  1. Sleep….? It sounds familiar…
    Also, I have been terrorized by nighttime squirrel bear shenanigans as well. At night, everything sounds bigger and scarier than they are… except the big scary things because they know how to move around quietly.

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  2. I like the idea of a squirrel bear for some reason. It amuses me. Maybe I can figure out how to make that into the Blanket Fort. But yes, sleep is good and for the strong. So get lots of sleep! πŸ™‚

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