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Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 19: I used to be an artist…

I used to be an artist. 

Or, more accurately, I used to draw. 

I still own all the supplies. The sketchbooks, colored pencils, crayons, expensive markers, and not so expensive markers.
They haven’t been used to create anything original in at least a couple years though. The last time I remember creating something was while we were living in our last place. The expensive markers have instead been used to color in coloring pages printed off the internet.

I used to draw things from Garfield cartoons that interested me. People assumed I traced things, but they were drawn freehand using the comic for reference.

I drew pictures of the characters of the “book” that my best friend and I were writing together back in middle school and the beginning years of highschool.

I tried my hand at the sort of art that my husband likes to draw and really enjoyed it. I added color where it used to only be black and white.

I used to do all this, but now when I have an idea of something to try and draw relating to Nano Poblano by the time I sit down to try and make it happen the only thing I can remember from my larger idea is that it involved heart shaped balloons with peppers on them. I attempt to draw at least that, hoping the rest will come back to me, but the results are frustrating to me, and I feel silly for thinking that any of the other Tiny Peppers would want to see my idea even if I could get it right, so into the recycling bin it goes. The larger picture in my head never reveals itself again.

I used to draw.

I used to be an artist.


7 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 19: I used to be an artist…

  1. You definitely are still an artist. And I for one would love to see what you’ve drawn for this month. I get frustrated all the time with my doodles. Like the one I am working on with you (so if it comes out terrible, I am so sorry).

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    1. Thanks. What I attempted to draw is sitting in the recycling bin… I might give it another shot. 🙂 I just wish that I could remember what my larger plan was instead of just that it had something to do with peppers and heart shaped balloons…
      As far as your art for our project, I’m sure it will be wonderful. Thank you for taking on the really hard part and creating art to go with my words.

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