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Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 25: Fiction Friday

This was drawn years ago by my husband, Curtis Perry.

It had been a long drive already when she saw her exit and turned off of the highway and she knew she had a bit more of a drive to go before she’d reach her destination. She went over the things that she had packed in her head again, hoping that she had packed enough warm clothes. She had been going there for years, but she was always surprised by just how cold the nights and early mornings could get. She drove past the grocery store that she’d need to visit tomorrow to stock up on food for her stay. She’d need to make sure to make a list of what she needed and remember to actually bring it with her this time. She came to her turn a little while later and began her drive down the long dirt driveway further and further into the woods. She turned off her radio and rolled down her window to listen to the sound of the birds and the river a bit farther into the trees. The air was clean and crisp, a welcome change from the city air that she was used to the rest of the year. She pulled over to the side of her driveway next to a field full of wildflowers and got out to pick a few. She placed them on the seat beside her and continued down the driveway. There ahead of her she finally saw her little cabin surrounded by trees. She parked the car, grabbed the wildflowers, pulled out her bags and walked to the front door. She walked inside shutting the door behind her. She placed her bags on the floor, and picked the vase on the table by the door to fill it with water. As she put the flowers in the vase and set it on the table again she breathed a sigh of contentment. Her yearly 2 weeks of quiet and relaxation had begun.


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