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Throwback Thursday 12/1/2016

Throwback to a post that I wrote about loneliness a few months before finding the awesomeness that is Team Tiny Peppers. Just follow the link.


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 12/1/2016

  1. I like that phrase “liking and lurking” from your June post. That is sort of how I operate. David Ellis says he wishes there was no like button.then people would be forced to comment in order to let the blogger know they were even there and read their post. I’m not so sure that would make me comment. Sometimes there just isn’t anything meaningful to say even if you did like the post. I dislike the like button. If you are Ra and get a million likes that’s one thing but if not it can be a real bummer to think no one is liking your shit! Ha!

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      1. Same. I read so many posts that are amazing but that I don’t really feel I’d be contributing anything by commenting on, so that “Like” button is all I have. No button = probably no interaction from me beyond being just another page view in the stats.

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