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My overachieving thermostat…

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now will probably remember the issues that we had with heating (and cooling) the townhouse that we lived in for 2 years before moving to the apartment that we live in now. The townhouse was about as energy efficient as a cardboard box… Possibly less. We quickly discovered during our first winter there that we would have to make a choice between being warm or being able to afford to pay our bills and buy groceries. So we turned our thermostat down as far as we could without risking the pipes freezing, the temperature that you’re supposed to set it to before going on vacation, and then we just lived like that. There were parts of the townhouse that would be in the 50s, and even then we could barely afford to pay our natural gas bill because it was so stupidly expensive.

We were really excited to discover that the apartment that we moved into last winter actually stayed warm without the heat running all the time. It also helped that natural gas is a community expense. The apartment complex is billed for all of the natural gas usage for the entire complex and then they in turn bill the residents based on the size apartment that you live in and how many people live there. In other words, we all share the expense of staying warm in the winter.

This month the fact that it’s a shared expense is probably going to be a very good thing because my thermostat has started to forget to turn off the heat after hitting a certain temperature. 

It’s started to do its job a little too well. 

I find that I’m having to get up out of bed to tap on the thermostat to make the heat turn off. I’ve shifted the temperature a bit trying to find a comfortable temperature and one that it will hopefully not get stuck on at. I’d really rather not have to call maintenance about this. 

So I’ve gone from an apartment where we couldn’t afford to run the heat to one where I find myself sweating in the winter because the thermostat forgets to turn the heat off. I should have known how well things worked last winter when we moved in wouldn’t last. That’s just not my luck when it comes to heating and cooling systems.


3 thoughts on “My overachieving thermostat…

  1. Ooo, I know all about how the utility billing works! It’s neat to see someone talk about it after I learned about it not to long ago. 😀

    Weird the thermostat isn’t stopping though. Maybe there is a draft hitting it somewhere?

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    1. It’s so nice having the heating bill split among all the apartments. Not having to freeze in order to be able to afford our gas bill has been amazing. 😀

      Nope, no draft. It’s not a digital thermostat so I’m pretty sure the little plastic piece that moves to indicate the current temperature just gets stuck sometimes. Luckily it hasn’t happened in a bit since I’ve tweaked the temperature again.

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