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The Doctor’s office that wasn’t really a Doctor’s office…

Back in October I wrote this on Facebook:

So, Curtis and I thought we had scheduled our yearly physicals with a real Doctor’s Office today… I don’t know what that place was, but I sure as hell know it wasn’t a Doctor’s Office. The “waiting room” is also the place they draw blood. The exam rooms have old, dirty, nasty carpeting and at least one of them had a bucket of some sort suspended under a large hole in the ceiling. We did get somewhat of an exam and had blood drawn, but we never actually saw a doctor. The “Nurse” that we did see came out with the phrase “when I stopped practicing Western Medicine…” near the beginning of her talking with us and it all went downhill from there.

She proceeded to shame me for my use of Depo Provera as my method of birth control and told me that she didn’t want anybody putting “outside chemicals” in their body. (Or something along those lines.) She then had the nerve to actually recommend that we use much less effective forms of birth control. When we set up the appointment a couple of months ago we were told that me getting the Depo Provera shot that I was due for would be absolutely no problem… Turns out they don’t stock that medication because they don’t believe in it. They ended up sending someone to another Doctor’s Office to pick up a vial so I could get the shot that they said would be no problem. She didn’t even know that the shot isn’t done monthly.

She also shamed me for my choice to not have children or a job. Apparently my life is meaningless and pointless.

She also actually used the phrase “eat only God-made food”. Well, at this point my filter broke and I actually asked her, out loud, if she was going to pay for the food that she wanted us to eat. She was very confused. And when I asked her if she realized that we were on a tight budget she actually thought that bringing up the fact that she had 14 children was relevant. …Lady, it is not my problem that you chose to have 14 children, nor do I care. Your children have nothing to do with the fact that we didn’t ask for your opinion on our food choices.

All we wanted was a basic yearly physical, not to have to listen to you rant and rave about “chem trails” and “God made food” and your hatred for “Western Medicine”. When we called to set up our appointment someone should have made it very clear to us exactly what kind of place it was.

Needless to say, we will never, ever be returning to that place.

My rage over the way that I was treated and my distrust of anything that they had to say meant that that visit was absolutely pointless. We wasted our one free yearly checkup because I was never going to have any contact with them again, including to call them back about the blood work results. There was no way that I was going to trust their interpretation of those results anyway.

And then earlier this month Curtis and I both received bills in the mail from the company that did all the testing on our blood work. Those bills said that absolutely none of the blood work that was done was covered by our insurance.

When we contacted our insurance company we found out that they would happily cover the blood work if the company would simply enter a “preventative” reason code on the billing instead of leaving it blank.

We were then told by the company that handled the blood work that the Doctor’s office would have to contact them to give them the codes.

And when we contacted the Doctor’s office we found out that the person who handles the billing had already left for the day, so we had to leave a message.

And now we hope that the person who handles the billing will actually do their job so we won’t have to have any further contact with that place.


14 thoughts on “The Doctor’s office that wasn’t really a Doctor’s office…

        1. I got the distinct impression (based on certain paperwork) that it’s usual client base are those who are new to the USA and those who have an issue with pain medication addiction. Which is even more infuriating, because those people deserve so much better.

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    1. I wanted to just turn around and leave as soon as we walked through the door, but I was afraid that they’d charge us for canceling our appointments last minute, so I gave them a chance. If I ever find myself in a similar situation in the future I might just walk right back out the door though.

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