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According to my husband’s job, there are no holidays in December this year…

Christmas and New Year’s both fall on a Sunday this year.

The call floor that my husband works on is always closed on Sundays.

Therefore, there are no extra days off and it’s business as usual for the rest of this year and the first business day of next year.

They do recognize both those Mondays as technically being holidays, just not ones that you get to stay home for.

However, they will still be paying holiday pay. 

In other words, my husband will basically be getting paid double for both those days.

I think that kind of makes up for the no “holidays” thing.


9 thoughts on “According to my husband’s job, there are no holidays in December this year…

  1. Yayyyy.
    I will be working the holidays this year, although I recently discovered I will not be getting time and a half because it’s a corporate location and not a franchise.
    My first thought…why the heck am I working then.

    But honestly, I am happy I will be working Christmas day this year, because it means I am able to work again. It also means I am bringing money in, so I’m able to fulfill more goals in the future and one day accomplish the dreams I have been dreaming.

    Just saying, silver linings.

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  2. I miss holiday pay! The company I worked for until last week does doubletime on holidays for a certain type of employees, so I got that rate when I was still in tech support. Once I moved to operations, I was a thing they call “salaried exempt,” which means no doubletime, no overtime, no extra money of any kind for extra work. They did give us an “alternate” day off if we worked the holiday though, so that was nice at least.

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    1. My husband was salaried exempt up until last month when his company moved everyone in his position back to hourly because of the new overtime laws that were supposed to go into effect this month. Gone are the days of him working 50+ hour weeks and only getting paid for 40 hours. It’s been nice having him home more since his company doesn’t want anyone working overtime. It does mean that his “comp days” have also gone away though. Honestly, I think I prefer the extra pay anyway.


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