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My nightmares have leveled up…

I’m pretty sure that I have talked before on this blog about the fact that nightmares are normal for me. All of my dreams all seem to have a nightmarish quality to them, something just slightly off around the edges. I dream of things that most people would consider nightmares, being hunted in post apocalyptic settings for example, but since I also tend to have some sort of magical powers or something along those lines in these dreams, I don’t usually consider them nightmares. They are more like epic movies for me.

Something has started to change though. My nightmares have started to incorporate the very room that I am sleeping in. So when I wake up I am not able to distinguish dream from reality. Twice in the last couple of months this has resulted in me actually jumping out of bed. The first time it happened I actually went out to the living room where my husband was getting ready for work and led him into the bedroom telling him that “Something was happening.” Only when I tried to elaborate I couldn’t because what made perfect sense in the dream could not be explained as I slowly separated dream from waking.

And then again this morning I woke up saying “No, no, no, no, no!” and jumped out of bed because I was convinced that the bed itself was starting to open up like a trap door to drop me into somewhere else. I stood at the end of the bed for a minute or two slowly registering that there was no danger.

I’ve heard it said before that people sitting bolt upright in bed from a dream isn’t something that actually happens, that it’s just something that happens in movies. Apparently whoever said that was wrong because that and more has happened to me at least twice now.

I’d like my normal nightmares back now please. My in-laws are supposed to be coming out for a visit in a couple of months and I’d rather not burst out into the living room where they are sleeping like a crazy person because of a nightmare that won’t let go…


8 thoughts on “My nightmares have leveled up…

    1. Thank you. I have no idea what has been bringing these on. I was under a lot of stress and a bit sleep deprived when I had the first one, but things have calmed down a bit now, so I don’t know about the one I had this morning.

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      1. I find when I have something going on in my life that worries me it sometimes comes out in my dreams. Like when something happens that is beyond my control I might have dreams of falling from some high place. 😦

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  1. This has happened to me. I’m in my room. It is the most bizarre bc you are disoriented beyond belief. Sometimes it feels like someone is in the room. I hope they stop for you. I can empathize.

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    1. Seriously, I really wanted to explain to my husband what had me so freaked out but I couldn’t even begin to because nothing made sense. I just stood there searching for the words to explain it and eventually realized that it was a nightmare.


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