6 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2017- 30 Days of Haiku- Day 2…

  1. I used to collect coins and stamps years ago. It can be exciting if you yourself can find something that is rare or unusual with your collections. I quite fancy the idea of collecting postcards when I have some cash to splash in the future. Right now, I just collect authors and interview them 😉 I bet you were chuffed to find numismatism is five syllables. That is one of my favourite haiku things, when you find a word with just the right number of syllables for an entire line 🙂

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    1. Did you happen to see my Facebook post related to this that I posted a few days ago? I’ll tag you in a comment so you can see it if you haven’t already, but I found some pretty cool pennies while sorting through the pitcher of pennies that my husband and I have. 🙂


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