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Nano Poblano 2017- 30 Days of Haiku- Day 9

I’m held captive by
My DVR, so many
Shows, not enough sleep


Nights spent binge watching
In the stead of slumbering
Yet I’m still behind


Managing to clear
Only temporarily
Losing battles fought


Where’s the pause button
For the day? I need more time
To watch, read, and write.

4 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2017- 30 Days of Haiku- Day 9

  1. This is constantly my battle too. I just finished Season One of Stranger Things but only because I was initially going to review it for a podcast. I got to enjoy the 2nd half without having to watch it under a critical eye. I also watch a lot of YouTube content but I’ve recently been forcing myself to take time out and watch an episode here and there to reward myself for all of the writing. I’ve now started Season 2 of Stranger Things but still have so many shows to get through, will have to save some of them up for me and my brother including continuing Punisher and Trailer Park Boys. The struggle is real and now it exists in haiku form to cherish and terrorise throughout your life 🙂

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