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Nano Poblano 2017- 30 Days of Haiku- Day 15

Fifteen posts written
Only fifteen more to go
Nano Poblano


Someone said this month
Makes me a poet but I’m
Not sure about that


I mean, come on now
Have they actually read
Some of these haiku?


Poetry’s bounds stretched
By some horrendous haiku
All for blogging’s sake

4 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2017- 30 Days of Haiku- Day 15

  1. The first one of these sounds like a battle cry (or maybe it was a sense of relief at the time). The last one had me chuckling, especially since haiku form is so restrictive, yet you mention the word stretched, which is an excellent twist. And I feel like “For blogging’s sake” is a new ‘go to’ family friendly curse word 🙂

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