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Nano Poblano 2017- 30 Days of Haiku- Day 16

Woke up late today
Still in my PJs and I’ve
Still yet to shower


Everything seems to
Be moving slow except for
The hands on the clock


Just one of those days
Where the world is grey and dark
And you’re in a haze


And you’ll probably
Fully wake up just in time
For bedtime again

2 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2017- 30 Days of Haiku- Day 16

  1. Excellent context of days and haze. And yes, lack of sleep, I know this enemy all too well. I often wake up in a haze because I am forced to get up early while looking after my Dad. I also know the feeling all too well fighting a haze throughout the day and then only really waking up when I have to go to bed, so I go to bed later and am tired waking up again. A never ending cycle if ever there was one!

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