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Team Tiny Wormhole

A few days ago (or possibly a few weeks ago? Time is slippery…) my husband randomly found a fork in our murphy bed while tucking the sheets and blanket in.

This reminded me of the time that we found a random spoon in the freezer of an apartment we were moving into, but at least that was in the kitchen, where cutlery is usually kept, and there was a reasonable explanation for it.

(Yes, we still have it after all these years. It’s a perfectly good spoon.)

This morning, while I was making the bed I felt something along the bed frame. It took some effort, but eventually I fished out this:

Yes, that’s a paintbrush. And it isn’t a small one either. It’s about a foot long. And I randomly found it in our murphy bed.

Now, I’m not saying that there is a tiny wormhole in our murphy bed…

But, there might a tiny wormhole in our murphy bed…

Dear Tiny Wormhole,
Please send cash through next time.
A couple of first time homeowners

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