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NanoPoblano2020: Day 5

Meet Murphy. He’s our new bed. When we aren’t using him, he lives nestled up near the wall, waiting to be pulled back down again.

You see, according to the town hall records, the 624 sqft condo that we live in is a one bedroom. But those records lie. The “bedroom” might fit a full/double bed, but that’s all it would fit.

It would be a room with a bed in it and nothing else.

We are currently using the “bedroom” as closet and semi-office space with some plants and decorations thrown in. The very first picture I posted for this year’s NanoPoblano was of a decoration hanging off the barn doors that can close off that room.

So, instead of sleeping in the “bedroom”, we use Murphy who lives out in our main living space. (We call it the Bliving Room… Bedroom+Living Room= Bliving Room) Murphy has been a good bed so far. I’m especially grateful that he hasn’t tried to eat us even once…