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NanoPoblano2020: Day 6

Yesterday I showed you all Murphy on one side of our Bliving Room, so I decided that it would make sense to show you the other side of our Bliving Room today.

These recliners were not our original plan for this space. We had a full size futon that we were going to try to use for seating, but once we got it into the space we realized it wasn’t going to fit. (Way more measuring should have been done before we tried to move stuff in here, but we were overwhelmed with the process of buying our first place.)

The futon got taken back out of the condo and driven back across the state to it’s new home… the room at my parents house that we just took it out of the night before.

So, with the futon no longer an option, we suddenly found ourselves in need of seating. We took some very thorough measurements and headed to IKEA.

Shopping at IKEA during the middle of a pandemic is not something I would recommend. At all. But we were lucky enough to find these recliners that we liked, and, after standing in a long line we talked to a very nice woman who helped us through the process of getting them from somewhere in the depths of their store into our car. We got them home and they were extremely easy to assemble and viola we had seating.

Also, yes, that is a wood burning fireplace that you see in the background of that photo. In our 624 sqft condo…