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NanoPoblano2020: Day 11

This picture and clock hang in our little dining room area that’s right next to our sitting area in our Bliving Room. (Literally right next to, you can reach the table from one of the recliners.)

Confession time: I have a very hard time reading analog clocks, especially ones without numbers on them. I really have to stop and work it out, just something about how my brain processes things. (Many a movie and TV show has been paused while I slowly work out what time the clock says it was and then what time it moved to so I know how much time they are showing has passed.) I am absolutely in love with this clock though.

The artwork above it is something that I created using a sticker stuck onto a piece of paper and then framed. I did not draw the artwork for the sticker, I bought it on Redbubble. The combination of the clock and the artwork makes me smile every time I see it.


8 thoughts on “NanoPoblano2020: Day 11

  1. Oops, replied on Facebook before checking the blog! To keep the blog in the loop, haha, I’ll repeat that the breakfast nook is so charming. And I also have trouble with time reading, though it sounds like in a slightly different way. My issue is more conceptual. Brains are so interesting!

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    1. No worries, I have a habit lately of posting on my blog and then taking the picture I used over to Instagram and tweaking it a little bit and then posting to Instagram and Facebook with some different wording or extra thoughts. I have no idea how annoying this might be to other people, because they’re probably coming across things on all the platforms and being like “didn’t I just see this over here?”, but I’m enjoying it. LOL But, anyway, it’s not surprising to me that you saw the post I tagged you in on Facebook before you saw the blog post. (FYI, you’re also tagged on the copy of the FB post on Instagram…πŸ˜‚)

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        1. I only recently rediscovered Instagram… And my love of filters… LOL I figured that since I’m posting a picture a day on my blog, cross posting to Instagram (and FB via Instagram) is a great way to stay in the habit of continuing to use it. πŸ™‚

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