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NanoPoblano2020: Day 30 (My Birthday!)

In honor of #NanoPoblano ending on my birthday, my final photos for the month are of the cupcake art that we have in our kitchen.

9 thoughts on “NanoPoblano2020: Day 30 (My Birthday!)

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope cupcakes featured, nom! It’s been lovely to catch glimpses into the details of your home, thank you for sharing, both here and on Instagram. We did it! Pepper hug. ❤

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    1. Thank you!
      I’m glad you enjoyed what I was able to share. 30 days of posts and there’s still so much I could photograph around here and turn into a post! Pepper hugs right back at you! ❤️🌶️❤️

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  2. Part of our dessert on Thanksgiving was cupcakes I brought along for the sheer deliciousness of it all. Cupcakes are wonderful.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff this month, and I’m glad to see that you’re doing so well in your new tiny-yet-amazing home. Happy Peppering!

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