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Pepper Day! (A day late)

Yesterday was Pepper Day. I had every intention of writing a post. I was even reminded that it was Pepper Day on Facebook. And then… life happened.

There were other notifications on Facebook to tend to and people to engage with, and the notification about Pepper Day slipped to the back of my mind.

I listened to the latest podcast that Ra from over at got interviewed in over lunch and my brain was occupied with processing that.

Later in the day I got a phone call from my Mom letting me know that the birthday card that she had been trying to send me since last month (my birthday was on November 30th) got returned to her again and she asked if Curtis could could stop by and just pick it up along with our Christmas gift on his way home from work.

And then, of course, my Mom and I got to talking for a bit.

It’s really ironic that my birthday card finally made its way to me yesterday, because apparently yesterday my blog turned 8 years old.

On Pepper Day.

But I missed it.

So… happy belated Pepper Day! And also a happy belated 8th birthday to my blog!

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