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When it rains, it pours…

It’s raining outside today.

The several feet of snow that we have is being slowly melted away.

A few days ago was the 2 year anniversary of my Grandma’s death.

My maternal uncle’s mother died yesterday.

February is now a very bad month for my cousins.

I went to bed earlier than I have been lately hoping to get up earlier… it didn’t work.

As I was willing myself to get out of bed I received a group text.

At first I thought that my abusive sister somehow got ahold of my new number and somehow got around the fact that I have her blocked because the names are listed in alphabetical order, but it was from my Dad.

My Dad sent a group text to me, my sister, my mom’s sister, and his mother.

He was letting us know that my Mom was currently in the ER with a suspected gall bladder infection.

She is alone because of Covid restrictions.

I cannot go and be with my Dad and brother because I am isolating as much as possible while I wait my turn for my vaccine.

I yelled the F word several times after reading the text, texted my Dad privately to be certain it wasn’t visible to my sister and then forced myself to get out of bed.

It was time for my afternoon meds. I grabbed two wrong medication organizers before finally grabbing the correct one and getting my meds in me.

I got my teeth brushed, pulled on a hoodie, got my glasses on and called my husband at work to inform him of the death in the family and that my Mom was in the ER.

I worried over the phone to my husband about the fact that my sister might now have my new number because she was part of the group text.

I needed breakfast.

I opened the wrong cabinet and tried to put my juice glass on my Keurig instead of my mug.

I eventually managed to get my juice in my juice glass, my coffee and creamer in my mug, and my milk and cereal in my bowl.

I ate breakfast and took care of some of my normal daily routines on my phone while eating.

I posted to Facebook about what is going on with my family.

I got another group text from my Dad letting us know that a cat scan ruled out a gall bladder infection. Mom has really bad reflux, still unsure why, but she should be coming home from the ER soon. He’ll update us when he knows more.

I texted my husband with the updated information. I told him that I am still worried about why her reflux is so bad all the time, but that right now the fact that the anniversary of her mother’s death is only a few days ago and the fact that there was just another death in the family might have something to do with it.

I wrote a comment on my Facebook post giving everyone updated information. (Minus my hypothesis as to what’s causing her current reflux issues.)

Now I’m sitting here writing this post because it’s #PepperDay and I didn’t know what else to write about.

I’m sitting here trying to find the motivation to get up and take the shower that I still need to take today.

I’m sorry that my posts have been such downers two months in a row now.

Today, it’s raining outside.

update: my mother is home.

6 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours…

  1. Hang in there. I’m glad your mom is coming home. I hope your sister didn’t get your number. Shower days can be hard days. I’m here if you would like to chat. šŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Dani. At least I already preemptively blocked my sister as soon as I got my new phone, so even if she does have my number and has been trying text me, I still won’t see it. The last thing that she relayed to me through my Mom was that I should reach out to her when I was “ready to be her sister again” because she had to make it seem like us not having contact was her idea as some sort of punishment to me, which, whatever. But, she also has a looooooong history of gaslighting, so who knows when she’ll decide that she’s going to “be the bigger person” and “forgive me” and try to wriggle back into my life while pretending like she can’t even remember why we stopped talking in the first place and conveniently forgetting that I was the one who cut her off. What I’m most worried about is that someone is going to give her my new address even though I’ve explicitly told everyone not to give it to *anyone* without my permission…

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      1. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. Hopefully she will not get your address by any means. I was horrified to realize how much personal info is available on the internet. I spent a half a day emailing various info selling websites to remove my info from their sites. They provided my address full name, all kinds of info that I am not okay with being available to anyone searching. So upsetting. If you would like to email I can send you the link to remove info. White has been the worst so far. They want to verify my identity in order to remove me. They want me to scan a photo of my id and then send a photo of me holding my id. I’m not verifying anything further for those f—kers. @#$%$#@

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