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Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 19: I used to be an artist…

I used to be an artist. 

Or, more accurately, I used to draw. 

I still own all the supplies. The sketchbooks, colored pencils, crayons, expensive markers, and not so expensive markers.
They haven’t been used to create anything original in at least a couple years though. The last time I remember creating something was while we were living in our last place. The expensive markers have instead been used to color in coloring pages printed off the internet.

I used to draw things from Garfield cartoons that interested me. People assumed I traced things, but they were drawn freehand using the comic for reference.

I drew pictures of the characters of the “book” that my best friend and I were writing together back in middle school and the beginning years of highschool.

I tried my hand at the sort of art that my husband likes to draw and really enjoyed it. I added color where it used to only be black and white.

I used to do all this, but now when I have an idea of something to try and draw relating to Nano Poblano by the time I sit down to try and make it happen the only thing I can remember from my larger idea is that it involved heart shaped balloons with peppers on them. I attempt to draw at least that, hoping the rest will come back to me, but the results are frustrating to me, and I feel silly for thinking that any of the other Tiny Peppers would want to see my idea even if I could get it right, so into the recycling bin it goes. The larger picture in my head never reveals itself again.

I used to draw.

I used to be an artist.

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I got some new markers and my cat got a new fashion accessory…

Those two things actually have nothing to do with each other though.

On Monday the set of markers that I’ve wanted for years and recently went ahead and ordered arrived in the mail. I now am fairly certain I have all the colors that this company has to offer.


I haven’t had the chance to do anything with these new markers though, because very early Tuesday morning I noticed my cat, Teddy Bear, seemed to be licking his behind an excessive amount. Him being a cat though it can sometimes be hard to figure out what’s behavior to be worried about and what is just normal cat neuroticism. This turned out to be the worrying type because when I finally fought my way to a look at his behind I noticed a sore.
We’ve been down this road before, so I knew that this was probably an anal gland that was either about to burst or had already burst.
He’d just been at the vet’s office a few days ago for a pedicure and now he had to go back.
So I woke my husband at around 3am and informed him that we had a problem and that he’d have to call the vet when he got up in a few hours and see if they could see our cat that day.
And then he’d have to bundle our cat into his carrier, walk to the bus stop, take one bus to the end of the line and then switch to another bus to get to the vet’s office to drop him off.
And then he could go into work for the day.

They were able to see our cat, and my home diagnosis was correct, one of his anal glands had burst on him again. They’d have to put him under for the procedure to fix him up, but there was a problem. They noticed a heart murmur and would have to do an x-ray to determine the seriousness of it before they could anesthetize him.

And the x-ray was going to pretty much double the cost of his treatment.

We told them to go ahead and do the x-ray and let us know what the results were.

And then we waited…
And waited…
And waited…
And waited…

Around 3pm my husband called them for an update and found out that they hadn’t even given him the x-ray yet. My husband asked them again to call us with the results and we continued to wait.

Around 5pm they called my husband and let him know that the entire procedure went well and they wanted us to come pick him up around 6pm.

So much for calling us after the x-ray..

We were lucky enough to have one of my husband’s co-workers offer to let us borrow his car to pick up our cat and avoided having to take buses there and back during rush hour.
He’s on pain meds for the next few days and they want to see him back in 2 weeks.
And during those 2 weeks he has to wear a cone.


This is going to be a long 2 weeks…

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Pictures of things that make me happy: my living room and dining room edition…

This should be the last installment of this series for a while as I have run out of rooms in my townhouse in which to take pictures. (There is still the laundry room, the stairs and the garage, but there isn’t much of interest in those areas) My living room and dining room are different areas of the same room, so they are being counted as one room.

Placemat and Salt and Pepper Shakers

The place mat and the cobalt blue glass salt and pepper shakers on top of my dining room table.

Mosaic Plates

These mosaic blue glass plates that hang above my dining room table.


Our bookcase and all the books it contains.

Top of Bookcase

The over-sized “Cat Lover” mug that we use for holding pens and the mosaic glass piece with the candle holder and random “Love” pendant (that was found on the ground somewhere) on top, that are on top of our bookcase.

Element of Surprise

This pin, that we found on the side of the road, that you will also find on top of our bookcase.

Explore Dragonfly

My dragonfly cross-stitch.

Broken Dragonfly Windchimes

This dragonfly wind chime that is missing the chimes.

Blue Artwork

This artwork that we have hanging over our fireplace.

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Pictures of things that make me happy: Updated my kitchen edition

I decided to continue on today with yesterday’s theme. Some things have changed in my kitchen since I last took pictures of things that make me happy in it.

Cupcakes closeup Coffee Clock closeup

For starters, I was able to buy some cupcake artwork that I had been eyeing for over a year. The awesome coffee cup clock with a spoon for a pendulum and the “Today I will live in the moment” artwork were on my kitchen walls for about a year waiting to be joined by the cupcake recipe artwork. I love all of these pieces so much.


I recently printed this out off the internet, colored it with markers and then stuck it in a frame and hung it on my kitchen wall.

Sweet Cupcake Cross-stitch

I did this cross-stitch a while ago to hang in my kitchen.

Coffee & Cupcakes

And in keeping with the cupcake theme, I bought a cupcake kitchen towel and potholders set. For the most part, my kitchen is a mix of coffee and cupcakes.

Cross-stitch Fruit Potholders

There are these cross-stitch fruit potholders that I made though.

Rainbow Colored Mixing Bowls

I got this rainbow stoneware mixing bowl set for free by entering Coke Reward Codes. Lots and lots of Coke Reward Codes.

Red Toaster

And last but not least, this red toaster that we bought to replace our toaster oven that died earlier this year. This is the first brightly colored appliance that I’ve ever bought and I love it. I also love the fact that it takes up so much less space than the old toaster oven used to.