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NanoPoblano2020: Day 26

I was going to just upload this picture without comment and call it a blog post for today, but I realized that there is absolutely no sense of scale for the frogs in this picture.

These frogs are made of metal and hang above our bed, Murphy. They are not small by any means. They are about 2-3 feet tall, or about the size of a toddler I would guess. They are hanging up high and I don’t feel like getting up on the step ladder to try and measure them, so my best guess will have to do.

I already had to get up on a step ladder a couple weeks ago to take this picture, and a few other times since for other various other reasons (mainly because the ceilings are high in this condo and I am not tall enough to reach things…) and I have had enough of step ladders for a while.

I hope you enjoy the picture though.

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NanoPoblano2020: Day 12

This is our dining room portion of our Bliving Room. Right behind the chair to the right in this photo is where you’ll find the coffee clock and breakfast artwork that I shared in yesterday’s post. (There is also a tree living in that corner that we didn’t know was going to become a tree… But that’s a post for a different day…)

Today is a day that I wish I had some actual cupcakes in the condo. My day started out with my toilet running, then stopping, then running again, then stopping. I knew that most likely something was wrong with the flapper, (the part inside your toilet tank that lifts up to let water through when you flush) so before I was even able to brush my teeth I was lifting the top off of my toilet tank to assess the problem. I was correct, there was a bit of toilet cleaner tablet that had somehow gotten lodged in the flapper and that was causing the toilet to slowly continuously flush. I pushed down on the toilet handle a bit to get the toilet cleaner tablet loose and it flushed itself down into the toilet.

So now the toilet is no longer continuously slowly running, but I also no longer have any cleaning tablet in the tank. So I have to replace that. I have to get into the laundry/utility closet that is also located in the bathroom, pull the box down from the shelf without dropping it and then leave the bathroom in search of scissors to separate 2 packages and open one package.

I successfully get the toilet cleaner tablet into the toilet tank, put the top back on the tank and move on with my morning.

A bit later on after getting a load of laundry started, I get my small glass of apple juice, mug of coffee and cereal out to the table. I go to pick up my glass of apple juice and it slips out of my hand and spills all over the dining room table.

I immediately grab my phone and rush to dry whatever juice got onto it off. The glass has fallen onto it’s side on the fabric placemat that you see in the picture above.

So, the good news is, the placemat is soaking up most of the juice.

Also, the bad news is, the placemat is soaking up most of the juice. All of the napkins in the napkin holder on top of the placemat are also soaking up most of the juice. So all the napkins have now got to be thrown away.

All of my breakfast gets moved back to the kitchen where I dry it off. I dry off the napkin holder. I wring apple juice out of the placemat and rinse it out. By this time the load of laundry I started earlier is ready to be moved to the dryer, so I do that and get the placemat started washing in a small load instead of the next load of clothes that I had planned.

I wipe down the table with a damp paper towel to get whatever juice may still be lingering and move my breakfast back to the table. This time I manage not to spill my refilled juice glass as I eat my now soggy Cheerios.

Today would be really great day for some cupcakes…

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NanoPoblano2020: Day 11

This picture and clock hang in our little dining room area that’s right next to our sitting area in our Bliving Room. (Literally right next to, you can reach the table from one of the recliners.)

Confession time: I have a very hard time reading analog clocks, especially ones without numbers on them. I really have to stop and work it out, just something about how my brain processes things. (Many a movie and TV show has been paused while I slowly work out what time the clock says it was and then what time it moved to so I know how much time they are showing has passed.) I am absolutely in love with this clock though.

The artwork above it is something that I created using a sticker stuck onto a piece of paper and then framed. I did not draw the artwork for the sticker, I bought it on Redbubble. The combination of the clock and the artwork makes me smile every time I see it.

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Nano Poblano 2016 – Day 19: I used to be an artist…

I used to be an artist. 

Or, more accurately, I used to draw. 

I still own all the supplies. The sketchbooks, colored pencils, crayons, expensive markers, and not so expensive markers.
They haven’t been used to create anything original in at least a couple years though. The last time I remember creating something was while we were living in our last place. The expensive markers have instead been used to color in coloring pages printed off the internet.

I used to draw things from Garfield cartoons that interested me. People assumed I traced things, but they were drawn freehand using the comic for reference.

I drew pictures of the characters of the “book” that my best friend and I were writing together back in middle school and the beginning years of highschool.

I tried my hand at the sort of art that my husband likes to draw and really enjoyed it. I added color where it used to only be black and white.

I used to do all this, but now when I have an idea of something to try and draw relating to Nano Poblano by the time I sit down to try and make it happen the only thing I can remember from my larger idea is that it involved heart shaped balloons with peppers on them. I attempt to draw at least that, hoping the rest will come back to me, but the results are frustrating to me, and I feel silly for thinking that any of the other Tiny Peppers would want to see my idea even if I could get it right, so into the recycling bin it goes. The larger picture in my head never reveals itself again.

I used to draw.

I used to be an artist.