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Turns out that our futon isn’t all that comfortable…

We spent our Thanksgiving moving heavy furniture up and down our stairs.

We had planned on using our futon when we moved and getting rid of the dual recliner La-Z-Boy loveseat that we have been using. The futon is much lighter than the loveseat and would have been much easier to move.

We decided that maybe it might be a good idea to try out the futon for a while before getting rid of the loveseat all together.

We took apart the loveseat as much as we could and moved it down into our garage and set up the futon in the living room.

We sat on the futon and watched a movie and by the end the verdict was clear:

Our futon just isn’t comfortable.

At least we made this discovery before we got rid of the loveseat.

So we moved the futon out of the way and brought all the pieces of the loveseat back up the stairs and put it back together again.

Moving Rule #31

Only, according to our cat, we broke it.

Because our loveseat can be put together a couple different ways. It has a little end table piece with drawers that can be put in between the two recliners, or you can just attach the recliners to each other without the piece with the drawers in between them. We used to have the two recliners attached to each other with the drawer piece to one side. When we put it back together we put the drawers in the middle.

Right where the cat used to sit.

Now he has to decide which of us he wants to try to sit with. And depending on how we are sitting in our seats, there might not even be room for him.

Clearly, we are the worst humans ever.

Never expected much

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Happy Tribus! All about the 3 you love…

Happy Tribus day everyone!

Whaaat Minion

Tribus day is brand new holiday, just created a few days ago by Rara and Eli Pacheco. It’s a day to celebrate three things you love. If you’re still confused, check out this post for more information.

So my three things for this very first Tribus day are:




I can't stop drinking the coffee

And all of the friends that I have gained through blogging.


If you would like to participate, just write a post of your 3 loves, link it to Rara’s post explaining Tribus Day (Here) and tag it #HappyTribus.

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We have to move again…

My husband and I moved into our one bedroom townhouse almost 2 years ago. When we were planning on moving into this complex we were hoping that we would be moving somewhere that we would be staying long-term. We originally were trying to get into a one bedroom apartment, but after being promised 3 different apartments and having them all fall through we ended up in this townhouse at a discounted price. Which was great at first, but has been getting more and more expensive since then. And the rent still isn’t at market rent.


Plus, while living here the last couple of years we’ve spent way more on our heating and cooling costs than we should be because this townhouse is about as energy-efficient as a cardboard box. We have to have to start running our air conditioner much earlier in the year than other people because if it’s sunny out our townhouse heats up like an oven. Then during the actual summer our air conditioner is pretty much constantly running and it still gets up into the high 80’s in our townhouse. And we have to run our air conditioner later in the year as well due to the same issue that has us running it earlier in the year. So we get billed between $150-$200 on our electric bill during the summer and don’t even have a cool townhouse to show for it. We’ve had our air conditioner looked at a few times, and it has gotten a bit better than it was when we very first started using it, but it’s still not effective. And I know that it’s not just my townhouse either because I overheard someone complaining about exactly what we deal with while I was at the office once.

And then during the winter we have to have our thermostat set as low as we can without risking frozen pipes to be able to afford our natural gas bill. Which means that it’s constantly freezing in our townhouse, and we’re still getting high natural gas bills.

I refuse to get out of bed

There are so many other things that we would like to be spending our money on than utility bills that don’t even give us a comfortable living space. So after only 2 years of living here we are now having to move again.

Great Idea until packing

Which means that we now need to decide which complex we would rather live in from our fairly short list of options. We need a place that accepts pets because of my cat, so that takes a bunch of options off the table. We also need someplace that is within walking distance of my husband’s job, a grocery store and public transportation options since we do not own a car. Which also narrows the field quite a bit. Luckily, there are a few options that we like among the complexes that are left available to us.

Moving Rule #31

These are broken down into 2 groups, the ones that are right next to my husband’s job and the ones that would mean at least an hour walk one way for him to get to work. While there is one option that we really like in the “hour walk” category, right now we’re focusing on the ones that are much closer to his job. There is a one bedroom apartment in a complex that is literally right across the street from his work, and a two bedroom one and half bathroom apartment in a complex just a little bit down the road. And they both would cost about the same.

The worst part about moving

The one bedroom is somewhere that we have been talking about moving to for years, it’s a newer complex with lots of nice amenities. We like the floor plan, but it is smaller and doesn’t have a storage closet on the balcony so we are worried about it feeling cramped. We do not like the apartment complex itself for the 2 bedroom one and a half bath apartment, but we do really like the floor plan of the apartment itself. It has a lot of closets, a huge laundry room, a good size kitchen, and a “Jack and Jill” style bathroom. (There is a sink in the master bedroom, then a room with just a toilet, then through another door is a room with just a tub/shower combination and then through one more door is a room with a sink and a toilet that has a door that opens up to the hallway.) It is in an older apartment complex though, so the apartment feels more dated. There is also no patio or balcony with this apartment, which made it somewhere that we never really looked closely at before now. So because there is no outside space, the second bedroom will probably become a storage space for things like our bikes.

Why Do I Own All Of The Things

So we have been trying to decide if we go with the one bedroom apartment that is in the apartment complex that we like and is right across the street from where my husband works, or if we are going to go with the larger apartment in the complex that we do not like. We don’t really need the larger space, it’s just my husband, my cat, and myself, but there is something tempting about that floor plan. And while we don’t need the larger space, we’re afraid that the one bedroom will just be too small.

Go Minimal

Right now we are leaning toward the one bedroom across the street from my husband’s work, but that is probably subject to change at any point.

And really, it may not matter which we prefer because we may just have to go with whichever has something available around the time that we are looking to move, which would ideally be in December when our lease is up (but only because that’s when our lease is up because moving in December is highly likely to suck a lot), but could be as soon as next month depending on our options. We should find out beginning of next month exactly what those options are.

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A list of things my is cat is convinced are trying to kill him…

This is my cat, Teddy Bear.

046 Teddy Bear profile 3-21-2014 2 - Black & WhiteTeddyPerchSittingIMG_20120721_085501

And this is a by no means complete list of things that he is convinced are trying to kill him, in no particular order:

-The sound a plastic bag makes (not be confused with the actual plastic bag as those are delicious)

-My allergy medication bottle
-The giant bottle of multi-vitamins from Costco

-Bottles of liquid that are being shaken, such as juice, coffee creamer and almond milk
-The garbage truck

Garbage Truck
-The doorbell

cats hide under bed with me when doorbell rings
-The sound of someone knocking on the door

– Any human being that is not my husband or myself
– Occasionally my husband or myself (though I am the one that he goes to for comfort after he has run from me in terror…)

– Kids skateboarding outside the townhouse

Damn Kids With Damn Skateboards
– The UPS or FedEx truck
– Pickup trucks
– The wind
– Anyone working outside the building
– The sound of the garage door opening
– The sound of our old faulty (which has since been replaced) smoke alarm beeping (I don’t blame him for that. That thing made me jump.)
-The vacuum cleaner

-His carrier
-Any and all medications prescribed by the vet
-The Vet
-Anyone talking outside the townhouse


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My many header images…

I currently have my blog set up to randomize all of my header images, and since I have a lot of different header images I thought I’d go ahead and share them all here. The only photo out of all of these that I did not take myself is the picture of the frog using a leaf as an umbrella. That one I found somewhere on the internet a while ago.

cropped-cherish-dream.jpg cropped-coffee-clock-closeup.jpg cropped-cupcakes-closeup.jpg cropped-mosaic-plates.jpg Rainbow Colored Mixing Bowls cropped-wildflowers-along-jordan-river-trail-3-15-2014-6.jpg cropped-img_20131221_165115.jpg cropped-cyclamen-3-21-2014-10.jpg cropped-flowers-outside-the-hospital-3-15-2014-2.jpg cropped-hearsee-speak-no-evil.jpg cropped-img_20120721_085501.jpg cropped-o-frog-umbrella-1-facebook.jpgcropped-rocks-outside-the-hospital.jpg

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 7…

I took a little break from blogging the last couple of weeks after I spiked a fever and was forced to admit that I was in fact sick and not just suffering from allergies. Then my husband had some time off from work and my cat had a vet appointment that resulted in him having all of his remaining teeth pulled. So I now have a toothless cat. (He has a condition called Stomatitis that caused his immune system to attack his teeth.)

I have 3 weeks worth of questions to catch up on for the Share Your World challenge, but I don’t feel like tackling that right now. So instead I’m going to share some photos for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. These are some closeups I took of a wind chime we have hanging in our bedroom.

Top of windchime Flash 1Clear Part of winddhime 1Beads on windchime Flash 1Beads on windchime 1Middle of windchime 2Middle of windchime flashMiddle of winchime looking up 1Bottom of windchime 2

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A glimpse inside my illusion: week 10…

These are my answers to the Share Your World questions this week. This is also the first Club Introvert social gathering, so welcome to anyone who chose to come on over and check out my blog. 🙂

Describe yourself in a word that starts with the first letter of your name.

Two words: Controlled Chaos. And no, I’m not cheating and using (and then copying) the name I go by on my blog, my real first name really does begin with “C”.

If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you’d find leading a more satisfying life than yours?

Maybe a few, but for the most part I find my life pretty satisfying. I do look forward to the day in the near future when my husband and I will be completely out of debt, and when we will be able to get the last few things that we need to fully be moved into our new townhouse, but life is still satisfying now. To someone on the outside of my life looking in, my life might not look all that satisfying and they might say that there are a lot of people that have a more satisfying life than me, but on the outside of other peoples’ lives looking in I don’t find their’s to look that satisfying either… I set my life up differently for a reason.

It's all about the person you've become

If you were a tree, would you become a book or furniture? Please describe.

I would become a book. Book Trees

More specifically I would become the book on a bookcase that revels a secret passage behind the bookcase.

Hidden Passage Bookcase

You are trapped in an elevator, who would you want to be trapped with?

If I’m going to be trapped on an elevator, I’m going to trapped with my husband because I’m not going to be going anywhere that requires me to use an elevator without him. And I would choose to be trapped with him anyway, because he’d be able to calm my fears until help arrived, and because I enjoy his company. 🙂 But really, I’m much more likely to just take the stairs anyway. Not the escalator, because I have an even bigger fear of those… But if I have to be trapped in an elevator, I’d like it if the elevator I’m trapped in could be a glass one with a view, that would help a lot. (Even though I also have a huge fear of heights…)

Glass Elevator

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for the wage garnishment that we had been dealing with for the last 4 months stopping earlier than we expected it would and us having more money to work with on my husband’s paycheck last Friday than we thought we would as a result. And for the 50% settlement offer on our last remaining debt (other than credit cards and the one that the garnishment was for) that we were able to take advantage of because of having more money to work with this past week. We are now that much closer to being out of debt. Just one more round of the wage garnishment whenever it starts up again and we’ll be debt free, not counting a little bit of credit card debt. 🙂

This week I’m looking forward to what I hope will be a quiet week at home after a busy weekend. I’m also hoping that I will get used to the time change from Daylight Savings Time sometime this week, because it really messed up my Monday.