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The story of the tragic demise of our second collapsible shopping cart…


The first shopping trip that we went on after our move our first shopping cart, which we had been using for about 6 months or so, hit a curb wrong and one of the front wheels shattered. We were able to tip it back on its back wheels and limp home with it, but that was clearly the last time that we would be using that shopping cart.

So we ordered a new, bigger shopping cart. One that we hoped would be more sturdy and last us a bit longer.

We used it for one shopping day. A trip to Costco and back home, and a trip to a grocery store and back home.

It was unhappy with the kitty litter, plus other groceries, that it had to carry home from Costco, but it made it home in one piece.

It also didn’t like the snowdrifts that it had to be dragged through on the way to and from the grocery store, but it made it home again.

A month later it was time for us to go grocery shopping again. There was a lot that we knew needed to stock up on, so we brought the cart, our backpacks, and a couple of duffle bags to carry all of our purchases home.

Having Plans

The cart made it to Costco just fine.

We did our shopping and proceeded to pack all of the things from our Costco cart into our bags and collapsible shopping cart. Everything fit and we started on our way home.

Everything was going well until we went to cross the set of 6 railroad tracks that were between us and home.

While crossing those tracks the back axle of our cart bent out of shape and the cart no longer wanted to roll.

Never expected much

We made it across the tracks and limped up to the next intersection where we decided that we needed to call someone for help. As Curtis pulled his phone out a guy in a big pickup truck stopped at the light and asked us if we needed any help. We let him know that we did and he pulled into the parking lot next to us and offered to give us a ride home. He and his 2 passengers helped us load our bags and fully loaded busted cart into the back of his truck and saved us from a very frustrating 2 or so miles of fighting to get our cart home.

Unfortunately, our shopping day was not yet over. We no longer had a cart to use since our most recent one only lasted through one shopping day, but we still needed to get our groceries. So we grabbed a bunch of bags and headed out to the store.

As we had finished loading our groceries into our bags and were about to start our hike back home, around midnight in the freezing cold, a guy in a car pulled up and asked us if we were planning on walking home with all that. When we told him that we were planning on walking a couple miles or so back home, he too offered us a ride. He said that he was watching us get all geared up and thought, “oh dear, that doesn’t look like it’s just for a walk across the parking lot” and decided to find out just how far we were planning on walking and see if he could help us out.

We were very grateful to both of the good samaritans that stopped and helped us out that day. Unfortunately, I probably repaid their kindness by getting them sick.

Throughout the day I had been slowly developing an annoying cough. I thought that it was probably just due to the bad air quality, but the next day I woke up sick.

The stress of the cart breaking the day before, and then once we were home for the day opening the mail to find that our dental insurance hadn’t paid as much as our dentist expected them to in 2015 and we owed them over $850 and they wanted their money in 10 days… that probably did my immune system no favors.


So I woke up with a horrible chest cold. And immediately thought that exposing those good samaritans to my illness, even though I had no idea that I was sick yet, was a really shitty way to repay them for their kindness.

I was sick with a fever ranging from 101.6 to as high as 102.9 for a few days after until my fever finally broke. At that point I was left with the chest cold from hell. People were urging me to go to a doctor, but I wasn’t going to spend money that I didn’t have for a trip to the doctor for a chest cold since the fever was gone. Not to mention that the air quality had gotten worse and I would have had to walk a couple miles, plus take public transit to get to the doctor and back. I was avoiding that horrible air outside like the plague…


Now it’s almost a month later and I’m just now almost feeling back to normal. My voice still hasn’t returned and my cough isn’t completely gone yet, but I can tell that this illness is almost gone now.

I really hope that those nice people didn’t get as sick as I did, if they got sick at all.


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My many header images…

I currently have my blog set up to randomize all of my header images, and since I have a lot of different header images I thought I’d go ahead and share them all here. The only photo out of all of these that I did not take myself is the picture of the frog using a leaf as an umbrella. That one I found somewhere on the internet a while ago.

cropped-cherish-dream.jpg cropped-coffee-clock-closeup.jpg cropped-cupcakes-closeup.jpg cropped-mosaic-plates.jpg Rainbow Colored Mixing Bowls cropped-wildflowers-along-jordan-river-trail-3-15-2014-6.jpg cropped-img_20131221_165115.jpg cropped-cyclamen-3-21-2014-10.jpg cropped-flowers-outside-the-hospital-3-15-2014-2.jpg cropped-hearsee-speak-no-evil.jpg cropped-img_20120721_085501.jpg cropped-o-frog-umbrella-1-facebook.jpgcropped-rocks-outside-the-hospital.jpg

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A glimpse inside my illusion: week 11…

These are my answers to this week’s Share Your World questions.

If you were an ice cream cone how many scoops and flavors would you be and why?

I think that I would actually be a bowl of ice cream with a sugar cone broken up into it because I like to eat my ice cream with a spoon. And I might not be ice cream, but maybe a bowl of self serve frozen yogurt. And since self serve frozen yogurt doesn’t come in scoops, I’d be a small sampling of whatever flavors were eye catching, probably involving a lot of variations of chocolate. And definitely topped with some mochi.

You can buy ice cream

Are you left or right handed?

Right handed.

Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say?

Most of the time, yes. I avoid the phone as much as possible though and will usually have my husband take care of any phone calls that need to be made.

How many rings before you answer the phone?

I let voice mail answer the phone for me.

Hang up and text

I even almost rejected an automated phone call with a security code I requested earlier today. I thought I had selected the “text me” option and was most unimpressed when my phone started ringing.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am grateful for the beautiful weather we had over the weekend which allowed my husband and I to walk on the trail behind our complex. And for all the photos that I was able to take while we took our walks. And for digital cameras, because I don’t even want to think about how much money it would have taken to develop all of the 577 photos I ended up taking this weekend…

I take a bunch of photos of the same scene so that I can go through later and choose the ones that came out the best and then discard the rest. Since I have already sorted through them all, I look forward to finishing cleaning up the photos that are left this week.

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National Eating Disorder Awareness week 2014


I never thought that actually losing some weight would trigger anorexic thoughts. Most of the time when I feel like I need to start restricting my diet it’s when I notice that I have gained some weight. But when I noticed that I had lost some weight a couple months ago I started having thoughts of restricting my diet to see just how low I could get my weight to go. I didn’t act on these thoughts and thought that I had come to terms with the fact that my body was losing weight and would eventually stabilize.

Until I happened to weigh myself a few days ago that is. The scale said 149 lbs and I freaked out about the fact that I was in the 140s and immediately started wondering if I restricted my diet, could I get my scale to say 145? It’s only 4 more lbs. And it has kind of been one of my “goal” weights and a weight that I never thought I’d actually see. I say one of my goal weights, because I know that as soon as I hit that I’d be focusing on getting down to 135, and then 125, and then 115…

Distorted Body Image

But here’s another way of looking at it. I am only 4 lbs away from 145 lbs. Why is that not good enough? Why is seeing a specific number on my scale so goddamn important?


And why, when I see that my body has been naturally losing weight on it’s own do I not take away the lesson that I don’t need to starve myself in order to lose weight? And even if I did get down to a certain weight because I starved myself, what then? I wouldn’t be able to maintain that weight, and in fact would probably gain more weight back once I did start eating because my body will think that it needs to compensate for the fact that there isn’t enough food available for me to eat.

I have come too far to go back to disordered eating. I do not need it in my life. My life is better without it.

NEDA color quotesFashion Modelseating disorders aren't coolFatspiration #80I refuse to waste my life for a bikiniYou are strong, brave, amazingjudging defines youFatspiration #104Fatspiration #180eating without guiltFatspiration #65



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A glimpse inside my illusion: Week 8…

These are my responses to this week’s questions in Cee’s Share Your World writing challenge.

Would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,000 to give anonymously to strangers?

Money can't buy happiness

I would have to go with the $10,000 for myself. It would solve a lot of problems in my life right now. Plus, it would help to put me in a position to be able to give to others more regularly, through charitable donations instead of only once when I was given money to do so.

You can buy cupcakes

When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you?

I hope that when I’m 90 years old my husband and I will still be together. We’ve  talked about how when we’re old we’ll have loud conversations in public pretending to mishear what the other one has said, or quite possibly actually mishearing what the other one has said… 😉 So when I’m 90 what will matter most to me will be my marriage, my sense of humor, my health and my friendships.

Friends till we're senile

Candy factories of the entire world have become one and will now be making only one kind of candy. Which kind, if you were calling the shots?

I’m not really sure what I’d want it to be. I know it would be something with chocolate, but I’d miss all the non-chocolate candies… When it comes to candies, I love variety.

Domo Candy

So, you’re on your way out and it’s raining. Do you know where your umbrella is or do you frantically search for it all over your apartment/house?

My umbrella is hanging on a nail on the wall of my garage right next to the door leading to the entryway of our townhouse. Then there is also the umbrella that is in one of the pockets of my husbands pack. However, most of the time these umbrellas don’t normally get a lot of use. Other than how I hate getting my glasses wet,  a little rain doesn’t bother me.


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A glimpse inside my illusion: Week 7…

Here are my answers for this week’s set of questions for Cee’s Share Your World writing challenge.


What is your favorite couch potato activity: readings, watching movies, watching sports, napping, anything on TV, computer games, play cards, or other?

Pretty much all of the above, except the watching sports thing. Since my husband and I upgraded our smartphones last week we’ve spent a lot of time playing games on our new phones. In fact, last weekend that’s pretty much all we did… it was a wonderfully lazy weekend.


What is your favorite toppings on pizza?

Cheese, mushrooms, onions, cheese, olives, bacon, cheese. I also have had and liked anchovies on my pizza years ago, but haven’t had the chance to have it again since. Oh, and did I mention that I like extra cheese on my pizza?


What is is favorite genre of movie or book?


Horror would definitely be my favorite genre for movies and books. I also really like science fiction and fantasy for both as well. I love disaster movies, especially the post-apocalyptic type. I have very little patience for dramas or romantic comedies, and would much rather watch an action movie than a “chick-flick”.

…That being said, I am in the middle of catching up on the Twilight Saga movies right now. I have seen some of them, but can’t remember how far I got in the series, so am now starting over from the beginning. The first movie was worse than I remember it being, the second seemed a bit better, we’ll see how I feel about the third once my husband borrows it from his coworker… Yes, I do have issues with the whole “sparkly vampire” thing, but what can I say, I liked the books…


My favorite books would be pretty much any Stephen King book, the Wheel Of Time Series by Robert Jordan, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Lives of the Mayfair Witches series, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter series, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Twilight saga, Hunger Games trilogy… I could go on and on… I am currently reading the Ender’s Game Series (or Enderverse or Ender saga, whatever you want to call it) by Orson Scott Card, which will be followed by the Shadow saga by the same author.  I can never be without a book to read.

Do you prefer eating the frosting of the cake first?

I prefer to eat the frosting with the cake.


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A glimpse inside my illusion: Week 5…

I’ve decided to change the name of these posts to something that better fits my blog, but these are my responses to this week’s questions for the Share Your World Writing Challenge that Cee is holding over on her blog, Cee’s Photography.

If you had a choice to live anywhere would be your preference salt water beaches, forest, fresh water lakes, hot tub, ski resort or desert?

I think I would actually prefer to live somewhere where I had access to salt water beaches, fresh water lakes and the forest. If I could live right next to the beach (think: ocean view with beach access), and still have a lot of trees around me, that would be perfect.

I'd like a house somewhat like this, including the trees...
I’d like a house somewhat like this, including the trees…...built in an area like this.…built in an area like this.

Looks like I might need to look into moving to the Washington coast…

What was your favorite toy as a child  . . . and now?

You know, I’m not really sure what my favorite toy was as a child. I used to love playing with Barbies, or Legos, or any number of board or card games, and as I got a bit older and we got a computer, I loved playing computer games.

This was one of my favorite games as a kid.
This was one of my favorite games as a kid.As well as this game. I never was able to make it past the ice level though...   As well as this game. I never was able to make it past the ice level though…

My favorite toy now would definitely be my Smartphone.

Which do you prefer sweet, salty or both at the same time? 

Both at the same time. 


Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

I enjoy snow as long as I don’t actually have to go out in it. I might miss it if I moved to somewhere where it never snowed.

Snow can be pretty.
Snow can be pretty.

I took the above picture on the walking trail behind our apartment complex at the end of 2013.