My Artwork

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pic 5  pic 7.1  pic 6.1  pic 4.1  pic 3.1  pic 2.1  pic 1.1   Pic 11.1  Heart.3 pic 12.1 pic 26 pic 25 pic 24 pic 28.1 pic 29.1 pic 27.1 pic 13.1 Pic 30.1 pic 14.1 pic 32.1pic 23 pic 22 pic 21 pic 20 pic 19 pic 16 pic 15 pic 18 pic 17 pic 31 geometrics 2 geometrics 1 Lines in a box 10.5.2001Tree Farmwintertreegryphon Nyara princesscolie thetwinsBurning Sword 10.17.200113oclock Brain Storm 10.11.2001 Chess Dream10.5.2001 Flower Storm 10.9.2001 Knight of Chess 10.7.2001 Rose Scented Candle 10.9.2001 Snake and Rose 10.9.2001 therose poohbear Calvin & HobbesGarfield Zodiac 1 Garfield Zodiac 2 Garfield 8 Garfield 6 Garfield 5 Garfield 4 Garfield 3 Garfield 1 Garfield 2 Garfield 9.1Garfield 7


4 thoughts on “My Artwork

  1. I read your blog regarding about “Do it for the thigh gap”. You just hit my ego with your blog. However, I like it. The other day I was upset because of some woman snapped at me so I always return the bad attitude favor and criticize them about their weight. Your blog is like a SLAP to my face. Thanks because I learned that I shouldn’t be that kind of a person (hurt people) because you are right: your house, job, happiness, everything that makes you alive doesn’t rely on your weight. ITS STILL GOING TO BE AROUND YOU and people would still love you no matter what. ITS THE PERSONALITY/ATTITUDE that counts. Keep up your blog so people like me could hear you and wake me up from my illusion=)

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