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It’s finally officially official, sort of…

We finally got word yesterday from the apartment complex we will be moving to in less than two months that our applications have officially been approved. Only they still need to speak with Curtis’ supervisor and could Curtis please expedite that phone call?

Hang up and text

Curtis had already talked to his supervisor earlier before he got the message from the apartment complex and his supervisor was waiting to get some answers back from HR on what information he was and was not allowed to give out. Such as salary information, which should already be covered by the payslips that were given to the apartment complex when we filled out our applications anyway.

So, they still have to talk to Curtis’ supervisor, but apparently they decided that this process had been strung out long enough already and went ahead and approved us. They probably took the fact that we’ve been bugging them to please finish verifying the rest of the information on our applications as a sign that we probably didn’t falsify any of it. Because if we had, I doubt we’d be pushing for them to please catch us in our lies as quick as possible.

So now that we’ve been approved I can stop worrying that they are going to tell us that the amount needed in order to move in has increased because they now need an increased security deposit from us. Which is good, because I have no idea where we would have gotten the money had they required more from us.

Money can't buy happiness

Now my main worry is that we are going to have a repeat of what happened the last couple times we moved and we are soon going to be told that the apartment that we are planning to move into will not in fact be available. Leading to the nightmare of either just going with whichever one bedroom apartment they happen to have available whether we like the location or not, or being told that they do not have any one bedroom apartments available for us anymore. An apartment complex running out of apartments, and then sticking us in a more expensive floor plan, is the reason why we are moving again after only living in our current complex for a couple of years. That and the inefficiency of our current space and the fact that the complex is going downhill.

We’d really like to be able to just move into the type of apartment we want in the location in the property that we chose and therefore greatly decrease the likelihood of having to move again soon.

We are so very tired of moving.

Go Minimal

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My colors have been packed away…

The walls of my townhouse are now a bare, boring white decorated only by the holes in them where my things once hung. All of the colorful things that I had covering them were packed away over the weekend. All of my decorative items were carefully wrapped and stored in boxes to await our move in a little under two months.

I’m glad to have gotten started on the packing. Doing it slowly over the next couple months will help us avoid a thousand trips up and down our stairs the weekend before our move and make it all much more manageable.

This round of packing was fairly quick and easy. Much easier than it’s been in the past. Already I’m noticing the difference that donating most of our stuff has made. I’m hoping this is an indication of how the rest of our packing and move will go.

I’m happy we’ve started, but two months seems a long time to have to stare at ugly white walls.

Great Idea until packing

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I’ve started to have nightmares about our move…

As anyone who regularly reads this blog or is friends with me on Facebook is probably aware, I am just a little stressed about our upcoming move.

Great Idea until packing

This was further evidenced by the nightmare I had last night. In it, Curtis and I were signing paperwork required for our move, but for some reason we were doing this in a model apartment. During the course of signing the paperwork the rental agent had us take another tour of the model apartment. When we got to the walk-in closet in the bedroom we were shocked to discover that they had converted the closet into some sort of closet/bathroom combination. There were still some rods to hang stuff up on, but most of the closet space was now taken up by a shower. There was also this tiny little metal sink with built-in toothbrush holders sticking out of the wall. The rental agent was really proud of it and kept calling a second bathroom. We were pissed and inquired if all of the apartments had already had this renovation done. She said that most had, but she couldn’t remember if the one that we were moving into had. So we asked to look at the apartment that we were moving into and discovered that not only had this renovation been done, but about half the floor of the closet bathroom was missing. I remember wondering if it was too late to decide to move to another apartment complex and then the dream ended.


I texted Curtis to tell him about my dream and remind him to make sure to contact the apartment complex before they closed today because this was the day that we were told they should have a final answer on our rental applications.

Only when Curtis did get in touch with someone we were told that they are still working on verifying employment and rental history and should have everything back by Wednesday. Apparently one of the phone numbers on the paperwork was incorrect, so now that’s been corrected they should be able to finish verifying. Why they didn’t ask if the numbers were correct the last time that we talked to them I will never understand. We at least did find out that they do wait to take the money from our account until everything has been finalized.

Curtis did not verify that they have not turned all their walk-in closets into closet bathrooms though.

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Two months from today…

Exactly two months from today Curtis and I will be signing our new lease and officially starting our move in process. We have truck rented for the next day to move our stuff into the new apartment. It still remains to be seen if we will be doing this move completely on our own or if we will be able to get help from some Curtis’ coworkers. Since we will be moving in the middle of December on a Tuesday I am not holding out hope for much help. I would obviously prefer if we could get some help with our move, but since we have recently dramatically reduced the amount of stuff that we own I am confident that Curtis and I will be able to handle this move on our own if need be. We’ve done moves all by ourselves when we owned far more stuff, after all. And this time we plan on having as much stuff as we possibly can staged in our garage, so there will be a bare minimum of stairs that we will have to deal with since we will be moving it straight from the garage to the truck and then from the truck to our ground floor apartment. It will not be fun having to move our washer & dryer set down the stairs of our townhouse that day though.

Moving Rule #31

Our garage is one step closer to being ready for all our stuff to be staged in it since one of Curtis’ coworkers stopped by last night and took away more than half of the huge donation pile that we had. She plans on stopping by for the rest of it next week probably. Soon we’ll start boxing up all of our decorative items and moving them down to the garage. We hope to slowly move all of our stuff downstairs to the garage over the course of the next 2 months and avoid spending the days immediately before the move walking up and down our stairs.

So, in two months we’ll be starting our moving process, but we still have not gotten official confirmation that our applications were accepted, nor have they deducted the money to hold the apartment and pay the application fees from our bank account. I’m hoping that they have a policy of waiting until they know for sure that someone has been approved before they charge someone’s account and that they will take their money in the next couple days and let us know that we’ve been approved. Not knowing exactly why the money is still sitting in our account makes me anxious though.

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Our December move is still not officially official…

Yesterday my husband was able to talk to the woman at the apartment complex office who is responsible for letting us know if our rental applications were accepted. The day before he had spoken to someone else at the office who said that everything looked like it came back okay, but that she wasn’t the one who normally dealt with the applications so we’d have to wait to talk to the person who did. Apparently everything that has come back looks good, but they are still waiting on confirmation of my husband’s employment and of our rental history. She said that she doesn’t anticipate any issues, but that she probably won’t have confirmation of those 2 things until the end of next week. My husband and I can’t wait that long before handing in our “Intent To Vacate” paperwork where we are currently living though, because if we did we would not be giving 60 days notice. So we will be handing in that paperwork in the next few days. At least the things that they still need confirmation on are the things that we are not at all worried about. I will feel much better once we’ve actually officially been accepted though.

I also keep telling myself that our last couple moving experiences are nowhere near typical. Usually when you put a deposit down on an apartment, that is the apartment that you actually move into. The next step in a normal moving process is not to be contacted by the apartment complex and told that particular apartment (and the next one, and the next one) is not actually going to be available for you to move into. I know that, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to tell myself not to become too attached to that particular apartment’s location. It would be amazing to be able to move into the apartment that we chose and not whatever they happen to have available when all other options fail. I really hope that this moving process actually proceeds as it should.

Go Minimal

In other news, as of Tuesday when I had my final 2 fillings done and my permanent onlay installed, all of my major dental work is now done. I am so relieved to have that behind me. The next step is for me to get braces of some sort once my gums are healthy enough and I have the funds to pay for them. Which will probably be once I am able to pay off the debt from all the work that I already had done. So it might be a while still.

Dentist Said I Needed a Crown

Also, tonight I will be going to a BBQ that my husband’s work is hosting at a local park for all the Team Leaders on his project. This will be the first social event that I have attended in a while and I’m surprised that I’m not really all that nervous about it. I am excited for the chance to be able to finally meet some of his coworkers, but me and social situations don’t usually mix well. We’ll see if my anxiety rears it’s head at the BBQ.

Having Plans

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Us moving in December is slightly more official now…

My husband contacted the apartment complex that we are planning on moving to a little while ago and was told that it looks like our applications were accepted. However, the woman who usually calls people back about things like this is out of the office, so we’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow before we get official confirmation of our applications having been accepted.

The unofficial confirmation has reduced the amount of worry I have about it though and I am feeling more confident that this will actually happen. We’re confident enough that my husband is going ahead and switching his vacation to the week that we are planning on moving.

After what happened last time we moved though, where we had 3 apartments fall through on us in rapid succession, I am not completely convinced yet that we will end up in the apartment that we put a deposit down on. I know that the likelihood of things going as wrong as they did last time is low, but having been burned before I have much less confidence in this process going as it should.

I would love it if the universe could restore my confidence in this process though and if my husband and I could have a fairly easy moving experience for once. Please?

Great Idea until packing

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It’s (almost) official, we’re moving in December…

On Saturday my husband and I walked over to the apartment complex that we were interested in moving to. We asked the ladies at the office if they had any information about availability in December and were told that there were 2 apartments available during that month. One was a ground floor apartment in the building closest to the office and the other was a middle floor apartment in a building near the middle of the complex. Neither of those were what we wanted to hear. We were hoping to hear that they would have a top floor apartment available. So we asked about what they had available in November and found out that they had 2 top floor apartments available then. We asked if we could go and walk around the property and look at the actual buildings, where they were located on the property and where exactly the apartments were located in the buildings. One of the ladies gave us a map and marked the buildings and the apartment numbers for us and we went to go and look at all our choices.

As we started walking to the building closest to the office it started to rain, reminding us of why exactly we want actual raincoats. At least we had an umbrella with us.


We walked to the ground floor apartment available in December and noticed that there was a playground not too far away from the apartment. So it was a ground floor apartment next to a playground, both things that we said that we absolutely didn’t want. Especially the playground thing.


We moved on from there and checked out one of the top floor apartments that would be available in November. We walked up the flights of stairs, figured out which side of the building the apartment was on and looked at what our view would be. We thought that we’d like this building because it was on the edge of the property and the apartment was facing the outside of the property, but unfortunately our view would be of a tall office building across the street.

We walked through the property in the steadily increasing rainfall to check out the middle floor apartment available in December. We noticed that there was another playground next to this building on one side, but the apartment was on the other side of the building. We would be in the middle of the building, with neighbors above, below and to one side of us. The balcony faced a parking lot and there were two other buildings across the parking lot. Those buildings would be our main view, with a little glimpse of the mountains in between them if you were standing at the right angle. There was also an unobstructed view of our neighbors balcony to the one side of us, instead of the nice view of the mountains to that side.

We walked across the parking lot to the last option, a top floor apartment available in November. This apartment did have a lot of other buildings as part of it’s view as well as the garages in front of it, but it also had a good view of the mountains. And unfortunately of our neighbor’s balcony, just like all the rest.

This apartment was a top floor with a gorgeous view, everything I thought I wanted, but it was available a month too early. My husband and I spent a long time in that stairwell discussing how moving a month early would be a financial nightmare, and he eventually convinced me that we had to decide between the two that were available in December.

Money can't buy happiness

Which then led to walking around the property and looking at all of our non bottom floor options, including the ones available in November, several more times. During that time of going up and down several flights of stairs we realized that some of the staircases moved in an alarming way while you were climbing them. Which made me question their safety and rethink if a top floor apartment was really my first choice.

We went to go take a closer look at the ground floor apartment that we hadn’t really given a chance before and, as much as I didn’t want to admit it, the location started to grow on me. First of all, The building was the absolute closest that it could be to my husband’s work across the street, literally a 5 minute walk. There would also be no stairs to deal with whatsoever. All I could think about was how much easier it would be to move into that apartment compared to the middle floor apartment.

Why Do I Own All Of The Things

It was also in a building that only had 2 floors, so there would be less neighbors in the building overall, plus it was the farthest away we’d get from other apartment buildings in the complex. There were still other buildings visible, but they were on other sides of the fairly large green space that was in front of the building. The playground was also at the opposite end of that green space, potentially reducing the amount of noise that would carry over to our apartment from it. There was also a tree across the sidewalk from where our patio would be that would block the site of the playground some. And the patio was set back from the sidewalk some with some bushes in front giving it a bit more privacy on that side. Unfortunately the other open side of the patio would give us a good view of our neighbor’s patio. The building was also located right next to a river, and while we can not see it from our apartment, we would cross the bridge over it most times that we left the property. We also noticed that part of the property seemed more quiet overall. It was farther away from the main road, so traffic noise was greatly reduced.

So we had a decision to make, go with the middle floor apartment with the view of the parking lot, other buildings and a tiny glimpse of the mountains. Or go with the bottom floor apartment that faced grass and trees but was also very close to a playground.

In the end we decided on the ground floor apartment. We went back to the office, which incidentally was when the rain stopped, and asked about the rental rates for both of the apartments and then almost changed our mind again after finding out that the apartment we were looking at was going to be $30 more a month than the other one, a full $20 more a month than the highest rate that we had been given during all the times we asked about rent prices at this complex. We asked why it would be that much more expensive and were told that it was because it was a ground floor apartment. Which was surprising, because usually it is top floor apartments that are more expensive. We are hoping that it’s also because it’s a more updated apartment, but have no way of knowing. We took the application paperwork and moved to another area of the clubhouse to fill it out while still trying to make a final decision on exactly which apartment we’d take. We eventually decided that the convenience of not having to deal with stairs at all, plus a potentially quieter location despite the playground would be worth the extra cost. Plus we thought that we would be paying about $25 less a month anyway since that complex offers a discount to people who work at my husband’s company.

We handed in the paperwork and paid the application fees plus the amount to hold the apartment. We were then given a piece of paper detailing exactly how much our rent would be every month plus how much we needed to pay on the day we signed the lease. There was a special running so we were going to get $200 off of our first month’s rent, making move in costs much more affordable. We realized later on that we were never given a discount due to where my husband works and were told that we would have to choose between the monthly discount or the $200 off first month’s rent. While we know that the monthly discount would save us more in the long run, we may need to go with the one time discount this year in order to be able to afford move in costs.

So like the title of this post says, it’s almost official. We’re just waiting to hear if our applications were approved. Which, based on what the lady at the office told us, they should be. Then we will be moving into exactly what we thought we didn’t want. We just hope that we don’t regret our choice.