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NanoPoblano2020: Day 27

Our condo has a built-in bookcase, which we very quickly made use of and filled up. It also has this built-in set of shelves over to the left of our bed, Murphy.

This set of shelves is shorter and narrower than the built-in bookcase. Technically you could use them as a bookcase as well, if you moved the little shelves around just right, but then you’d be left with a bunch of leftover shelves and really not that much space for books anyway.

So we used these shelves to display stuff. Including the very top of the set of shelves, there are 12 shelves of varying heights, all displaying different things. While the stuff on each shelf brings me joy, this shelf in particular is my favorite.

Such a random collection of stuff, and yet it all works so well together.

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NanoPoblano2020: Day 20

Curtis and I are gamers. We own six video game systems, including an original N64 that still works despite a pet rabbit that chewed through the video cord many, many years ago. We also game on our phones, tablets and laptops, so if you add those in, we have a total of 12 gaming devices.

The above photo shows all of our video game systems out on display. (Xbox One S, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, N64, PS2) Everything around it is a bit of a mess because we were still in the middle of moving into our condo that we had just bought. Unboxing the video game systems that had been in storage for years was a top priority for us though.

For a long time when we lived in Utah we lived in an apartment right next to a shopping plaza that had a GameStop in it. We would walk over to that GameStop regularly and search through their bins and shelves of used games. We built up quite a collection of games for our different systems over the years.

The picture of the binder at the beginning of this post was my solution to how to store all the manuals. I found the stickers on Redbubble and we stuck a bunch of plastic page protectors in there and stuck all the manuals in those so we could easily flip through them and find the one we wanted.

Most games are digital now, but that binder on our bookcase makes me smile every time I see it.

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NanoPoblano2020: Day 17

I absolutely had to take this picture earlier this morning because the lighting was just right.

This is one of the objects that I inherited from my Grandma. When I was much younger she used to work for a phone company that now probably no longer exists. I have no idea if this is related to her job at the phone company though.

I interrupted what I had been working on to get the picture before I lost that perfect light. I took a few pictures and then went back to what I was doing.

As I was working on what I had been working on, (updating apps and moving things from internal storage to my SD card) I also spent a good chunk of my morning trying to remember the name of the thing that I just photographed.

I knew that I loved them.

I knew they were a time keeping device.


They also use sand to keep time…

Sand-timer??? That doesn’t sound right…

And so on and so forth for a while until finally the correct name floated up to the surface of my brain.


Although, I’m fairly certain that this tiny version’s sand runs out in far less than an hour… I’m not even sure it lasts a full minute…

So, I had the picture, then I finally had the name… Time to write a blog post…

Only, now my phone needs to restart…

And now it won’t recognize my SD card where my photo in the perfect lighting is stored…

After several more restarts and several failed attempts to just “unmount” the SD card so that I could then “mount” it again (because that has worked in the past) I eventually had to find the little tool to physically remove the SD card from my phone.

I found the tool and ejected the SD card… And apparently the SIM card too because they are apparently in the same tray.

After dropping the SIM card several times while trying to get the tray back into my phone, I finally succeeded in reinstalling my SIM card and my SD card and like magic all my apps (including WordPress) and photos reappeared, and I was finally able to get what was supposed to be simple post written.

The lighting really was perfect though.

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NanoPoblano2020: Day 16

While my husband and I were living with my parents after having to unexpectedly move across the country due to sudden job loss, I found these tiny cat shaped sticky notes that live in tiny boxes somewhere online.

They came in a set of 4, so I assembled 2 of them for my Mom and set aside my 2 for when I had my own place again.

I then promptly forgot that they existed.

A little more than 2 months ago Curtis and I moved into the condo we bought. I rediscovered these unassembled cats in boxes after we had been here for well over a month.

I assembled them the best I could using the diagrams (the written directions were in a language I cannot read) and they now live on our built-in bookcase in out Bliving Room.

I love it when past me sends me unexpected presents!

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The Book Lovers Tag…

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s happened recently that I should probably be writing blog posts about… So of course I’m going to go ahead and answer some questions about my reading habits instead! Dean Kealy over at the WeeBitWordy blog answered these questions on his blog earlier today and invited us to play along, so I decided to go ahead and do just that.


‚ÄčDo you have a specific place for reading?

This spot on the couch is where I do all my reading, TV watching, video game playing, and bird watching.

Bookmarks or random pieces of paper?

Bookmarks. I love bookmarks.

Can you just stop anywhere or must it be at the end of the chapter?

I prefer to stop at the end of a chapter, but sometimes I have trouble stopping and end up reading a bit into the next chapter before forcing myself to put the book down.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

I always have a glass of water next to me and sometimes I’ll make myself a cup of tea, but I usually don’t eat while reading.

Music or TV while reading?

Neither. I prefer silence while reading because the TV or music can be too distracting for me.

One book at a time or several?

One at a time usually. 

Bookcase #1

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

Home. Unless it’s a quiet place I’d be more likely to people watch than read. I’m extremely introverted and my brain has a hard time distinguishing what things are important to listen to and what it can ignore as background noise when I’m out in public. 

Read out loud or silently?

Silently‚Äč, unless I’m having a hard time focusing, in which case I’ll whisper for a bit until my brain clicks into gear.

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I try very hard to not read ahead at all, in fact sometimes I’ll use a bookmark to block the rest of the page to make sure I don’t see anything before I get there.

Bookcase #2 The binders contain our comic books, except the one with the stickers on it which contains our video game manuals.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I try very hard to keep my books as close to new condition as I can.

Do you write in your books?

I do not.


(Apologies for the font randomly changing throughout this post. I am posting from my phone and I have no idea why it’s doing that or how to make it pick one font and stick with it.)