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April Cheer Pepper – Day 30

This is the end

The month is over and done

Sad that it’s over

I’ll miss all the posts

From all my Cheer Pepper friends

My haiku each day

But maybe I will

Hopefully see you again

Come month November

As for my blogging

Not sure if I’m quite done yet

Might have more haiku

Or perhaps something

That’s more along the lines of

A more normal post

I guess we will wait

And see what the future holds

And what’s coming next

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April Cheer Pepper – Day 27

I’m taking five meds

That can cause some drowsiness

But mostly I’m fine

During the daytime

I’m “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go”

(Might be the coffee)

But once I can stop

And finally fall asleep

Meds catch up to me

In the morning time

Wakefulness is slippery

Sleep has a firm grip

I struggle to wake

To get up when I want to

It never works out

Need to make a change

Need to break this cycles hold

Reclaim my lost time

If you look closely, there’s a dragon in this coffee.