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NanoPoblano2020: Day 20

Curtis and I are gamers. We own six video game systems, including an original N64 that still works despite a pet rabbit that chewed through the video cord many, many years ago. We also game on our phones, tablets and laptops, so if you add those in, we have a total of 12 gaming devices.

The above photo shows all of our video game systems out on display. (Xbox One S, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, N64, PS2) Everything around it is a bit of a mess because we were still in the middle of moving into our condo that we had just bought. Unboxing the video game systems that had been in storage for years was a top priority for us though.

For a long time when we lived in Utah we lived in an apartment right next to a shopping plaza that had a GameStop in it. We would walk over to that GameStop regularly and search through their bins and shelves of used games. We built up quite a collection of games for our different systems over the years.

The picture of the binder at the beginning of this post was my solution to how to store all the manuals. I found the stickers on Redbubble and we stuck a bunch of plastic page protectors in there and stuck all the manuals in those so we could easily flip through them and find the one we wanted.

Most games are digital now, but that binder on our bookcase makes me smile every time I see it.

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NanoPoblano2020: Day 11

This picture and clock hang in our little dining room area that’s right next to our sitting area in our Bliving Room. (Literally right next to, you can reach the table from one of the recliners.)

Confession time: I have a very hard time reading analog clocks, especially ones without numbers on them. I really have to stop and work it out, just something about how my brain processes things. (Many a movie and TV show has been paused while I slowly work out what time the clock says it was and then what time it moved to so I know how much time they are showing has passed.) I am absolutely in love with this clock though.

The artwork above it is something that I created using a sticker stuck onto a piece of paper and then framed. I did not draw the artwork for the sticker, I bought it on Redbubble. The combination of the clock and the artwork makes me smile every time I see it.