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NanoPoblano2020: Day 26

I was going to just upload this picture without comment and call it a blog post for today, but I realized that there is absolutely no sense of scale for the frogs in this picture.

These frogs are made of metal and hang above our bed, Murphy. They are not small by any means. They are about 2-3 feet tall, or about the size of a toddler I would guess. They are hanging up high and I don’t feel like getting up on the step ladder to try and measure them, so my best guess will have to do.

I already had to get up on a step ladder a couple weeks ago to take this picture, and a few other times since for other various other reasons (mainly because the ceilings are high in this condo and I am not tall enough to reach things…) and I have had enough of step ladders for a while.

I hope you enjoy the picture though.

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NanoPoblano2020: Day 22 (Pepper Day!)

In honor of Pepper Day 🌶️ I am going to share this not so great picture of a random dried chilli pepper that I found earlier this month on top of the bracket holding the track to one of the drawers inside of our kitchen cabinets.

Another weird gift left behind by the previous owners of our condo.

Although, one could argue, not quite as weird as the random used birthday candle that we found smooshed between a cabinet shelf and its bracket. We assumed that it was serving some purpose and left it be.

All that remains of the dried chilli pepper at this point is that picture though… Here’s hoping it wasn’t serving some mysterious purpose as well.

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NanoPoblano2020: Day 16

While my husband and I were living with my parents after having to unexpectedly move across the country due to sudden job loss, I found these tiny cat shaped sticky notes that live in tiny boxes somewhere online.

They came in a set of 4, so I assembled 2 of them for my Mom and set aside my 2 for when I had my own place again.

I then promptly forgot that they existed.

A little more than 2 months ago Curtis and I moved into the condo we bought. I rediscovered these unassembled cats in boxes after we had been here for well over a month.

I assembled them the best I could using the diagrams (the written directions were in a language I cannot read) and they now live on our built-in bookcase in out Bliving Room.

I love it when past me sends me unexpected presents!

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Team Tiny Wormhole

A few days ago (or possibly a few weeks ago? Time is slippery…) my husband randomly found a fork in our murphy bed while tucking the sheets and blanket in.

This reminded me of the time that we found a random spoon in the freezer of an apartment we were moving into, but at least that was in the kitchen, where cutlery is usually kept, and there was a reasonable explanation for it.

(Yes, we still have it after all these years. It’s a perfectly good spoon.)

This morning, while I was making the bed I felt something along the bed frame. It took some effort, but eventually I fished out this:

Yes, that’s a paintbrush. And it isn’t a small one either. It’s about a foot long. And I randomly found it in our murphy bed.

Now, I’m not saying that there is a tiny wormhole in our murphy bed…

But, there might a tiny wormhole in our murphy bed…

Dear Tiny Wormhole,
Please send cash through next time.
A couple of first time homeowners